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Poll Bot

Create Simple, Easy Polls in Cliq

Be it choosing a new strategy or a dinner restaurant, polls have interwoven into workplace essentials and is a major requirement of any company. Knowing the importance of polls, we have built a bot for you! So install the Poll Bot for your organization and get polled (literally) anytime, anywhere on the fly! 

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Poll Bot in Cliq 

To make use of the poll bot's services you must subscribe to it.

  1. Click on the + of Bots in the left sidebar.
  2. In the popup that appears, look for Poll Bot and subscribe to it.

When subscribing to the bot, you will get a consents dialog requesting permission to access your details. This consents box is to ensure privacy by letting you know how your data will be handled. To know more, check out the related link at bottom of this page. After subscribing to the bot, you can use it to run and manage your polls.

Run polls

Method 1: In bot
Running a poll with the poll bot is effortless. Click on the action Run a Poll seen at the bottom of the poll bot. A poll form will appear on the screen. Type in your poll question set the running duration and key in your options (max. of 5).

You can choose to conduct your poll anonymously, the members who voted will not be revealed to anyone including you (the poll author). Then select if you want the poll to be private or public (detailed in next section) and hit the button. Your poll will be up and running smoothly.

Method 2: Directly in the chat window
You can also create polls via the /poll command in any chat. Just type /poll, select the command from the suggestions displayed and hit enter. The poll form will appear on the screen. Fill in the details and launch the poll in that chat!

Private and Public polls

When filling up the poll form you will find an Audience drop-down field with Private and Public as the options.

The polls will be run in chats and only the participants of those chats will be able to vote in the poll. 
Note: When creating the poll, a max. of 4 chats can be chosen. Later under My Polls action, you can share the poll with other chats. 

These polls are open for everyone in the organization to vote and hence the name. Public polls are an excellent way to get opinions and feedback from all users in your organization, regardless of teams and departments. 

By default, only the organization admins can conduct public polls. This is to regulate the launching of public polls and to prevent unnecessary polls for all users. However, the organization admins have permission to extend the public poll access to select few users or to all users under Configure action. 

The permission to allow public polls for users as captured in the image below will be available only to the org admins.

One can click on the Public Poll action anytime to view the current running polls and vote in it. The poll bot will also notify everyone when new public polls are created! 

Important Note:All users must enable notifications under the Configure action to receive public poll updates.

Manage your polls

The polls you've authored can be managed by you anytime when needed. Just click on the action My Polls, this will list all your polls in 2 sections—Open and Closed.

In Open polls section, all the polls that is still running will be displayed along with buttons to perform actions on it. You can Share the poll with other chats (1 chat at a time), Extend its running duration, view the Results and End it before its designated duration gets over. 

The Closed polls will list all the polls that have been ended by you along with results.

Results and Responses

  • If you are running a poll, you can always view its results from under My Polls action.
  • If you are participating in a poll you can view its results from the Results button in the poll card or simply go to the bot action My Responses to view all the polls you've participated in.
  • You can change your vote by just clicking on the option you want to swap your previous vote with. The new answer will be saved by the poll bot.
  • In a non-anonymous poll, the voters will be able to see the poll numbers in the results and the poll author will be able to view the voters' name along with the numbers. Whereas in an anonymous poll, only the poll numbers will be visible to both the voters and poll author.
  • When an author ends the poll manually, the poll result will be posted by the bot to the author and also broadcasted to everyone who voted in that poll. 
    When a poll ends based on its duration time, then the results will be posted on the following day to the author and everyone who voted. 


Install Poll Bot extension by clicking on the button below, and experience breezy decision-making from the comfort of your Cliq chat window.
Note: Only org admins can install an extension for the entire organization, whereas users can install only for their team.

Install in my Cliq


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