Announcing Zoho Assist's Professional bundle for Unattended Access!

Although moving away from conventional work methods has increased overall productivity, technical issues away from the office are creating a new challenge. It would be expensive and inefficient to send on-ground technicians back and forth to an employee’s location to solve each issue at a remote site. So the team at Zoho Assist has created a solution.

For IT teams who have to manage a large number of devices that are physically spread out, but indexed under one domain, there are some options already available. They can configure these devices for remote support manually, and provide technical assistance using the domain controller device. However, the location of the domain controller device plays a vital role while you’re troubleshooting the devices enlisted under a particular domain.

What if the location of a device didn’t matter while troubleshooting?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to remove the location of a device from the equation? That’s exactly what Zoho Assist’s Unattended access ‘professional’ bundle will do for your organization. Zoho Assist’s Unattended access enables businesses to maintain centralized control over all their devices and manage their remote assets efficiently.

Introducing Zoho Assist’s Distributor for Unattended Access

Imagine you’re a remote support technician who needs to provide support to remote devices listed under a centralized organization domain. Normally, you would configure the domain controller using long native scripts to gear up the devices under the controller for remote access. Using a Distributor, you can configure a large number of remote devices for unattended access without the need for native scripts.

Manage a large group of computers more easily than ever, by mass deploying the unattended access agents, a lightweight background application. Using Distributor, you can configure all the computers in your organization’s domain for unattended access in no time. Distributor can also act as a central high command from which an agent can access, manage, and establish control over your remote devices.

Troubleshoot and diagnose your remote devices in just a click!

Because remote support and access solutions are generally aimed at solving issues on the user end quickly, incident resolution time plays a major role while providing technical support. If a technician has to install an update or a patch fix on the remote device at the user end, usually, they first go through the process of taking control over the device and then start the installation process, which can cost them a lot of time.

Using our diagnostic tools, you can open the command prompt in a single click and enter commands to install the update directly. This way you can reduce how long it takes to resolve an issue at the user end while substantially increasing the efficiency of your technical support services.

With a distributor at the remote end, you can not only solve your technical issues while establishing remote connectivity, but also diagnose your remote devices using Assist’s easy-to-navigate diagnostic tools: access the task and device managers, and view the status of groups, hardware, printers, services, software, and users.

Want to try it out? Here’s how you gain access to our Distributor and Diagnostic tools

Distributor and diagnostic tools are a part of Zoho Assist’s Unattended Access Professional bundle, which is now available at $13 per 25 devices per month when billed annually. Check out our pricing page to learn more about our professional bundle. For more pricing and demo related queries, please write to us at


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