EOL plans for Zoho Motivator

Zoho Motivator, the sales activity management tool, was created as an add-on for Zoho CRM. It combined gamification with activity management to encourage positive sales behaviors for your team.

Over the years, a lot has changed with Zoho CRM. We introduced Gamescope, which gamified sales activities and showed your sales reps their progress without sending them to a new screen. We also improved our CRM analytics by including KPIs, Targets, and other analytics that give better insight into sales activities.

We've since decided to stop keeping our sales motivation tools separate from Zoho CRM. There are now many features in Zoho CRM for boosting your sales reps' morale and building team collaboration, and that's why we will be ending Zoho Motivator's services.

When and how will Zoho Motivator services end?

Zoho Motivator will continue to function until August 31, 2020, giving you sufficient time to move your sales activity management to Zoho CRM and retrieve your data.

Support for Motivator will continue until May 31 for bugs and technical issues, and support for data retrieval will end onAugust 31.

You can supercharge your Zoho CRM account with Zoho Motivator's features to achieve the same results using this link.

Read the full EOL announcement here.

Thank you for being part of the Zoho Motivator journey. We hope that we can help make this transition as smooth as possible. We would appreciate any of your feedback on how we can improve team collaboration and sales morale with Zoho CRM.

Remember, this isn't game over, its the start of the second half!


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