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When a client approaches you to do business, you evaluate an approximate figure that you plan to charge them for that particular job and communicate this via a document called the estimate. This amount specified may well be renegotiated over the course of the job and is not the final amount you’re charging, merely an estimated sum. Here’s a quick guide to creating a new estimate.

Creating a New Estimate

Here’s a quick guide to creating a new estimate.

Navigate to the Sales tab and click the + icon next to the Estimates tab or click on the + New button present on the top right corner of the Estimates page.

New Estimate form

You will be navigated to a new estimate form for capturing the details involved in creating an estimate.

Customer Details

In this section, let’s look at the information you’ll be providing in an estimate

Estimate Customer Details

Insight: This feature will appear in the estimate only if it has been enabled under preferences.

Item Details

In this section, we will be walking you through the procedure of adding the item details in your estimate.

Estimate Item Details

Customer Notes, Terms & Conditions, Templates

This section will walk you through configuring payment options, editing terms & conditions and assigning templates to your estimates.

Estimate Terms, Templates

Now click on Save as Draft to save the estimate as a draft. You can review it at your leisure before sending it to the customer.

Or, Click on Save and Send to send the created estimate to the customer straight away.

Sending Estimates to your Customers

Send your Estimates by email or snail mail to your customer’s address. Here’s how you do it.


Email Estimates to customers

Snail Mail

The snail mail or postal mail option indicates that a hard copy of the estimate will be sent by post to the mailing address of the customer.

Courier Estimate to Customers

Snail Mail in Zoho Invoice

Editing your Estimate

If you need to make changes on the quote you have provided to your cusstomer, use the edit option.

Editing your Estimate

Customizing Estimates

A template in Zoho Invoice is a format which determines how the estimate information is displayed. There are many specially designed templates that are available in Zoho Invoice. You can customize the templates according to your desire.

To customize a template directly from the Estimates module:

  1. Select the estimate that you want to edit.
  2. Hover your mouse cursor over the estimate and click the Customize dropdown found in the top-right corner of the estimate.

Estimates Customization 1

  1. Select Change Template to select another template from the existing gallery of templates.
  2. Select Edit Template and click Continue to customize the template. The changes you make to the template will be reflected in all the estimates that uses this template. Learn more about editing templates.
  3. Select Update Logo & Address, upload the logo and enter your address. Click Save in the pop-up to quickly update them in the estimate.
  4. Select Manage Custom Fields if you want to add or edit the custom fields. Learn more about Custom Fields.

Estimates Customization 2

  1. Select Terms & Conditions.
    • Enter the customer notes and the terms and conditions.
    • Check the Use this in future option to use this in all the estimates created in the future. Leave it unchecked if you want it to be displayed only in this estimate.
    • Click Save to update these changes in the estimate.

Estimates Customization 3

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