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Featured in the Constellation ShortList™ for Event Marketing & Management Software (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)

Plan, run, and analyze your event— all from one place

No more juggling tools, no more frustrating busy work. Zoho Backstage is the fully-customizable event management platform that lets you do it all—from organizing your event to measuring its impact and everything in between.


End-to-end event planning

Empower your team with all the tools they need to streamline your event planning process—be it setting the event agenda, accepting sponsor proposals, addressing attendee questions, or even hosting rehearsals.

REPLACES: Spreadsheets, planners, and form builders

Event management software displaying event details on website
Event management platform displaying agenda on event website
Event management platform displaying speakers on event website
Event management software displaying sponsors on event website

0% commission event ticketing

Our ticketing platform supports a wide range of payment options and 10+ payment gateways, so you can sell tickets exactly the way you want. Plus, you’ll never be penalized for your success—there are no commissions, and payouts happen instantly.

REPLACES: Event ticketing platformsExplore our event ticketing platform
Event management software with event ticketing solutionPayment
Event management software with event marketing capabilities

Omni-channel marketing tools

From a fully-customizable event website to email campaigns, from customizable social banners to affiliate marketing, Zoho Backstage helps you get the word out about your event in multiple ways so you can reach a wider audience.

REPLACES: Website builders and email marketing softwareExplore our event marketing platform

Holistic audience engagement

Onsite or online, our session interaction tools, networking lounges, discussion channels, and 1:1 meetings make it easier than ever for you to engage attendees, foster networking, and create a community.

REPLACES: Poll makers and online discussion platformsExplore our audience engagement features

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Award-winning expo management platform

Gain exhibitor trust from the get-go with our interactive floor planner, ensuring hassle-free booking. Give them bang for their buck by boosting their visibility with personalized branding pages. Help them generate more leads and maximize their ROI with a complementing Lead Capture app.

REPLACES: PDF floor plans, disparate communication platformsExplore our exhibition management software
Award-winning expo management platform
AI-powered networking and gamification to boost engagement

AI-powered networking and gamification to boost engagement

Lend your attendees a hand in connecting with the right people using AI-based recommendations. Spice up attendee engagement by advancing them up the leaderboard for specific actions such as bookmarking sessions, participating in polls, interacting with exhibitors, and more.

REPLACES: Audience participation games, networking apps

“Zoho’s backend technology ensured that over 2000+ SMBs who attended the event were provided a seamless experience.



"We used Backstage to organize our second anniversary. It helped us gather more than 450 guests to celebrate this event with us."


French Tech

"Our favorite thing about Zoho Backstage is the ability to track ticket sales and watch the money come in!"


Business NZ
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At your desk or up and around, keep a finger on the pulse of your event at all times. Track registrations, check in attendees, make announcements, and more right from your mobile device

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Event app for event organizers
Event app for organizers for easy event check in process


Our mobile event apps open up new ways to engage attendees and encourage networking before, during, and even after the event so you can build a thriving online community.

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Event app for attendees
Event app for attendees for hybrid and virtual event streaming

We’ve got your back—in more ways than one

Security by design

We take your online safety very seriously. Not only are we committed to the highest international standards of security, but we also own our entire tech stack and all of our data centers. So go ahead and plan your event—we’ll secure it, for you and your attendees.

Privacy by default

When we say we value privacy, we mean that we won’t show you any ads, use third-party cookies to track you, or mine your data. Plus, we’ll do our best to support you in protecting your attendees’ information and staying compliant with data privacy regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is event management software?

Event management software is a comprehensive technology solution designed to assist event planners in organizing various types of events, such as conferences, workshops, and trade shows, across different formats like onsite, online, and hybrid.

It streamlines the entire event planning process, from building an event website and managing ticketing to handling event day operations, including check-in, badging, session management, and event analytics. event day operations like check-in and badging, session management, and event analytics.

How does event management software help organize successful events?

Event management software can benefit event planners in many ways. Experience the advantages of Event Management Platform:

  • Time-saving: Automate tasks and streamline processes with a single tool, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.
  • Enhanced attendee engagement: Interact with attendees through various channels for a more immersive experience.
  • Personalized customization: Tailor your event website, app, and forms to your preferences.
  • Data-driven insights: Access in-depth reports and analytics to make informed decisions and boost event ROI.

What are the key features of event management software?

Essential Features to Consider in an Event Management Software:

  • Event ticketing: Streamline registration and ticket sales.
  • Sponsor and exhibitor management: Organize and coordinate with key partners.
  • Event marketing tools: Boost event visibility and reach your target audience.
  • Attendee engagement: Keep your audience connected and involved.
  • Website builder: Create visually appealing, informative event websites.
  • Customizable forms: Collect relevant data with tailored registration and feedback forms.

How is Zoho Backstage different from other event management platforms?

Unlike other event management software solutions on the market today, Zoho Backstage is truly all-in-one. We’re built from the ground up—rather than acquiring other products or filling the gaps with integrations—so all of our features not only work well together, but they’re also relevant to event planners.

What is the difference between virtual event management software and webinar software?

First things first, virtual events are not webinars. They are more multidimensional and based on the event planner’s goals, and they might include multiple sessions, networking areas, and even exhibitor booths. Most of these options are not supported by webinar solutions.

A virtual event management software solution, on the other hand, not only supports the above-mentioned activities, but it also takes care of other event management activities like event planning, ticketing, marketing, and more.