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Yearly -Save 20%
Yearly -Save 20%


  • Number of users you can have in your account
  • Anyone to whom you privately share your workspaces, tables (data), reports and dashboards are counted as a 'User'.
  • All users will get a separate account for login.
  • You (Account Administrator) can control user access to your workspaces, tables, reports & dashboards and their permission to handle other operations.
2 Users
5 Users
15 Users
50 Users
  • Viewers allowed in your account
  • A viewer is anyone who can only view, interact and explore the reports and dashboards shared to them, through a secure login.
  • Viewers cannot create new reports or dashboards.
  • Viewers cannot share reports or dashboards to other Viewers or Users.
  • The total number of data rows that you can have in your account. Rows stored in all your tables are counted
  • You can also purchase extra rows as add-ons.
0.5M Rows
1M Rows
5M Rows
50M Rows
  • The number of reports and dashboards that can be created in your Zoho Analytics account
  • A Report is a collective term that refers to a chart, pivot table, tabular or summary view in Zoho Analytics.
  • A Dashboard is a collection of reports embedded in a single page.
  • It provides a snapshot view of your key business data for quick and easy data analysis/visualization.
Reports & Dashboards
  • Wide variety of options available to visualize your data
  • Multi-tabbed, themed dashboards, with numerical and chart type KPI widgets
  • Charts including line, bar, pie, scatter, area, bubble, web, geo map, word cloud etc.
  • Themed pivot views, summary views, tabular views.
75+ Visualization Options
  • Readymade reports for popular business apps.
  • 100+ reports with each business app connector.
  • No need to create new reports from scratch.
  • Provides you with immediate ROI.
Pre-built Reports
  • Number of Workspaces that can be created in your account
  • Workspaces enable you to logically group the data you load, reports and dashboards you create, and users you collaborate with.


  • Upload data from cloud drive vendors and set up automatic synchronization
  • Upload directly from Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.
Cloud Drives
  • Upload data from flat files and web feeds
  • From flat files like CSV, TSV, Excel, HTML, TXT, JSON etc.,
  • From authenticated and unauthenticated Web URLs and feeds.
  • Automatic, scheduled import of data can be done.
Files & Feeds
  • Analyze data from a wide range of popular relational databases
  • Databases can be in your local network. Upload data from databases like Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SQLite, DB2, etc.
  • Automatic and scheduled import of data can be done.
Relational Databases
  • Analyze data from popular databases on the cloud
  • Connect & Synchronize data from databases hosted in Microsoft SQL Azure, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Google CloudSQL, Heroku etc.
  • Automatic, scheduled import of data can be done.
Cloud Databases
  • Import data into Zoho Analytics by just sending an Email
  • The data can be sent as an attachment.
  • Data from flat files like CSV, TSV, Excel, HTML, TXT, JSON etc., can be imported.
Import from Email
  • Import and analyze data from popular business apps
  • Easy configuration and set up in a few clicks.
  • 100+ pre-built reports and dashboards for each connector.
Business Apps Connectors
Any 2
  • The total number of data imports that you could schedule periodically from web URLs (website links) or feeds
Import Schedules
  • Sync data automatically with Zoho Analytics at regular intervals.
  • Frequently auto-sync data, based on your needs.
Data Refresh Rate
  • Record and track historical data at specific points of time
  • A Data Snapshot records a report's data at specific instances of time.
  • For example, a Data Snapshot can record the number of Leads (Cold, Warm, Hot) at 11:59 pm everyday, and you can know the trend over time.
Data Snapshots
  • The total number of SQL Query Tables that can be created in your account
  • Query tables help in creating powerful and flexible reports with SQL (Structured Query Language) queries.
Query Tables
  • Derive your own metrics using a powerful formula engine
  • Easy to use formula engine with a wide variety of inbuilt mathematical and statistical functions.
Formula Engine
  • Prepare, cleanse, transform, and enrich your data using Zoho DataPrep, right from within Zoho Analytics seamlessly.
  • Connect and cleanse data from multiple sources
  • Analyze and improve your data quality.
Advanced Data Preparation


  • Advanced Analytics for Sales Apps
  • Data from will be automatically synchronized into Zoho Analytics.
  • Offers 100+ insightful sales analytics reports & dashboard by default.
  • Easily create your own insightful reports & dashboards on any CRM data.
Zoho CRM, Zoho SalesIQ, Bigin, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, HubSpot CRM, Exact Online, and more.
  • Advanced Analytics for Marketing Apps
  • Data from will be automatically synchronized into Zoho Analytics.
  • Offers 100+ insightful marketing analytics reports & dashboards by default.
  • Easily create your own insightful reports & dashboards on any marketing apps data.
Zoho Campaigns, Mailchimp, Zoho Survey, SurveyMonkey, Alchemer, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Eventbrite, Semrush, and more.
  • Advanced Analytics for Finance Apps
  • Data from finance apps will be automatically synchronized into Zoho Analytics.
  • Offers 100+ insightful sales analytics reports & dashboard by default.
  • Easily create your own insightful reports & dashboards on any financial data.
Zoho Finance (Books, Invoice, Subscriptions, Inventory, Expense), QuickBooks (Online and Desktop), Xero, Stripe, and Exact Online.
  • Advanced Analytics for eCommerce
  • Data from your eCommerce accounts will be automatically synchronized into Zoho Analytics for analysis & reporting.
  • Offers 50+ default reports and dashboards capturing key & essential eCommerce metrics.
  • Users can easily create their own ad hoc reports & dashboards.
Shopify, Zoho Commerce, and WooCommerce.
  • Advanced Project Management Analytics
  • Turn your raw project management data into meaningful insight.
  • Dissect it by projects, priority, and timeline.
Project Management
Zoho Projects, Zoho Sprints, Zoho BugTracker, Jira Software Cloud, Teamwork Projects, and Smartsheet.
  • IT and help desk analytics
  • Data from IT or helpdesk app is automatically synchronized with Zoho Analytics.
  • More than 75 pre-built, valuable reports and dashboards for each app.
  • Users can further create and share unlimited ad hoc reports and dashboards.
IT & Help Desk
Zoho Desk, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Teamwork Desk, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus (On-Demand and On-Premise), ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus, and Site24x7.
  • Facebook users can easily analyze their page and Ads data with Zoho Analytics
  • Facebook users can easily analyze their page and Ads data with Zoho Analytics.
  • Offers 50+ insightful reports & dashboards by default.
  • Create your own insightful reports & dashboards on Facebook data.
Social Media
Twitter Analytics, Twitter Competitive Analytics, Facebook Pages, Facebook Competitive Analytics, Instagram, YouTube Channels, and LinkedIn Pages
  • Analytics for HR apps
  • Data from HR apps will be automatically synchronized into Zoho Analytics for analysis & reporting.
  • Offers 50+ default reports and dashboards capturing the essential HR metrics.
  • Users can easily create their own ad hoc reports & dashboards.
HR & Recruitment
Zoho People and Zoho Recruit.
  • Analytics for Zoho Creator apps
  • Data from Zoho Creator apps get automatically synchronized into Zoho Analytics for analysis & reporting.
  • Users can easily create their own ad hoc reports & dashboards.
Zoho Creator


  • Predict upcoming trends.
  • Make use of custom forecast models.
Predictive Analytics
  • Simulate complex scenarios, and find optimal business outcomes
  • Study how data points change as you change the influencing factors.
What-if Analysis
  • Auto-generate reports and dashboards
  • Generate reports and dashboards on any data automatically, on a click of a button.
  • Modify, add, delete, and save auto-generated reports.
Auto Analysis
  • Hold conversations with our smart AI assistant, with Ask Zia.
  • Type out your questions, and see Zia come up with suitable answers in the form of reports and KPI widgets.
Conversational Analytics
  • Instant insights provided by our smart analytical assistant, Zia
  • Automated and instant insights narrated by our smart AI assistant Zia, on any report or dashboard.
  • Zia is built over AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and NLP (natural language processing) technologies.
Zia Insights
  • Stay up-to-date with data alerts
  • Total number of active data alerts that can be set across all Workspaces in your account.
  • Contextual data alerts let you know of any anomalies or achievements of your key business metrics as they happen.
Data Alerts


  • Provide controlled access to data and reports
  • Have full control over what your colleagues or clients can see and do with the reports you share with them.
Fine-grained Access Control
  • Create customized, branded portals.
  • Purpose built analytics portals for your users.
  • Embed interactive dashboards using our site builder, Zoho Sites.
Analytics Portal
  • Make reports and dashboards public
  • Reports can be made public for wider consumption. Reports made public would be visible for everyone without login.
Make Public
  • Generate private URLs for your reports & dashboards
  • Users accessing these URLs need not have a Zoho account.
  • Not highly secure, as it's generated based on a random key, hence can be accessed by anyone who knows the URL.
    Useful for embedding reports in web applications/pages.
Private Links
  • The total number of active Email Schedules that you can have in your account across all databases
  • Zoho Analytics Emailing feature allows you to email reports and dashboards immediately or schedule them for periodic mailing.
Schedule Emails
  • Leave contextual comments in reports
  • Hold meaningful conversations over a report.
  • Tell data stories to your audience.
  • Add rich data narratives to your reporting slideshows.
  • Basic feature allows you play your reports as slideshow. Advanced feature allows you to add data narratives to your slides and present.
Data Storytelling
  • Display reports on large screen TVs
  • Reports can be displayed on large screen TVs for team/company-wide viewing.
Large Screen Display
  • iPad and Android apps for Zoho Analytics
  • Access your reports and dashboards on your iPad and Android tablets.
Mobile Apps


  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Identify and mark columns as PII (personally identifiable information).
  • PII data columns stored with encryption at rest.
Data security & Encryption
  • Organization Administrator role has almost all privileges in a Zoho Analytics organization as that of the Account Administrator (Owner of the account)
  • An account can have multiple Organization Administrators.
  • Organization Administrator can do all operations as Account Administrator, except deleting and renaming an Organization; and adding, activating, and deactivating other Organization Administrators.
Organization Admins
  • The Account Administrator can add multiple users as "Workspace Admins" for any Workspace in your account
  • Workspace Admins can do any operation in their Workspace as Administrators, except deleting the Workspace.
Workspace Admins
  • Create account level roles with customized set of permissions
  • Define fine-grained permissions for each custom role you create based on your specific needs. Associate users to the custom roles you created.
Custom Roles
  • As the Account Administrator, you can add multiple groups
  • Each group consists of multiple users (email addresses).
  • Groups make it easy to share and collaborate with multiple users easily.
  • Set up a scheduled backup of your data in Zoho Analytics
  • Download backed up data as zip files.
  • Keep track of users accessing your account
  • Monitor who has accessed the views in your account, when, from where, and from which device.
  • Know how often each view type is being accessed.
Access Logs
  • Keep track of all the API calls being made in your Zoho Analytics account
  • Maintain a complete record of API calls information like API version, name, group, units consumed, user email address, IP address, rows processed etc.
API Logs
  • Keep track of all user activities or actions done in your account
  • Track actions including data imports, report creation, sharing, workspace creation, data updates, view changes and many more.
  • Together with Access logs, this feature will be useful for tracking security compliances like GDPR, etc.
Activity Logs


  • Rich set of REST-style Web APIs
  • APIs to import/add/modify/delete data, share reports, export reports and do much more. Offers client libraries in Java, Python, and other popular languages.
  • Plan based usage metering is applicable.
REST APIs for Integration
  • The total number of API units that can be used in a day
  • It is based on the type of API methods/actions that are invoked from your external application. You can buy extra API units too.
API Units
4,000 /day
10,000 /day
30,000 /day
100,000 /day
  • Rebrand your Workspaces with your own logo
  • Show/Hide "Powered By Zoho Analytics" message while embedding reports.
Logo Rebranding
  • Copy a set of views as a template
  • Export a set of views together and store as a template file
  • Use templates to duplicate similar reports across Workspaces.
Export as Template
  • 5X faster loading of reports and dashboards
5x Performance
  • You can purchase additional users anytime, over and above what is offered by the plan
/user /month
/user /month
/user /month
/user /month
  • Support through email and user forums. Access to knowledge base, customer portal, and more.
  • Support (8 hours x 5 days) through phone, email, remote assistance, and user forums. Access to knowledge base, customer portal, and more.
  • Support (24 hours x 5 days) through phone, email, chat, remote assistance, and user forums. Access to escalation phone contact, knowledge base, customer portal, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is a User?

    A User is a person in your account, who is a co-collaborator. He/she can connect to data, create reports & dashboards, share them to others etc., based on the roles & permissions granted. A User is identified by his/her unique email address with which their Zoho Analytics account was created/registered.

    Suppose you subscribe to a Zoho Analytics plan for 5 users, you can have 4 other persons as co-collaborators in your account. Now your Zoho Analytics account is said to have 5 Users.

  • Who is a Viewer?

    A Viewer is a person who can only view, interact and explore the reports and dashboards shared to them, through a secure login. The reports and dashboards can be created & shared only by "Users". Viewers cannot create reports & dashboards on their own. Viewer also do not have the permission to share reports & dashboards to others.

  • What are rows/records?

    In Zoho Analytics, a row or record is defined in the same context as in a table. In simple terms, a table consists of rows (records) and columns (fields). Each row in a table represents a set of related data and has the same structure. For example, in a table that represents "Employees", each row would represent a single employee record.

    The number of rows shown in the pricing plan above, is the sum of all rows/records stored across all tables in all workspaces of your Zoho Analytics account. As a measure of size, 1 Million simple rows would be equivalent to 1GB or more in data size. However, this can vary based on the number of columns and the type of data contained.

  • How about Support and is it charged separately?

    We offer free technical support to all our customers. However, the support services offered varies based on the subscription plans. Please refer to Support plans page for more details. You can avail technical support through any of the following means:

    Post your queries in our user community forum,

    Email us at,

    Tweet to us @zohoanalytics.

    Call us on our common toll-free support phone numbers:

    • USA: +1(888) 900 9646
    • UK: +44 (20) 35647890
    • Australia: +61-2-80662898
    • Italy: +39 (0) 287103737
    • Sweden: +46 201408150
    • Germany: +49 8000229966
    • France: +33 805542462
    • Spain: +34 918368598
    • Netherlands: +31 707007083
    • India: 044 - 69656060
  • Is my data safe?

    Zoho takes the security of your data and information very seriously. We have taken many different steps to help ensure the safety of your data. This includes physical security practices (like 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls), Network Security (encryption, intrusion detection/prevention), People Processes and Redundancy/Business Continuity.

    For more on this topic, refer our Security Practices, Policy & Infrastructure document.

  • Can I sign up for Free Plan or Trial and upgrade later?

    Sure, you can sign up for the Free plan or the 15-day Trial offered in other plans. Try the service and see if it meets your needs. If it does, you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime. Your data will be safe and retained fully on upgrade.

    Even if you do not upgrade to any paid plan, you can continue to enjoy the Free Plan always.

  • Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel a plan at anytime?

    Absolutely. Zoho Analytics is a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go service. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

  • Do you offer professional services for developing analytical solutions?

    Yes, we do. We also have a strong Partner network who offer these services. Please mail us at with your requirements, and we will get back to you.

  • Do you offer training?

    Yes, we do offer virtual classroom training sessions. Refer to our Training page for more information and register for the program.

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Alun Rafique

CEO & Co-founder,Market Dojo UK

“We chose Zoho Analytics because of its breadth of integrations, but have found it's a complete BI solution. It helps us look at trends and detect things early, saving us a lot of time and money. We love the ability to have a conversation with Ask Zia and we enjoy the way it answers without losing track of the context.”

Juan Martitegui

Co-Founder, Ecom Ventures

"Zoho Analytics is an excellent tool for tracking and optimizing campaigns. The automated mailers let us send weekly reports to all our clients in an automated fashion. I would recommend it to any mid-size company which deals with data."

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