Content Marketing

Introducing the Company Blog: Your Content Marketing Machine

Content marketing is the ongoing creation of valuable material that stimulates interest in your brand by educating your prospects, rather than explicitly promoting your business. It builds relationships with prospects over the long term. Your blog is the ultimate platform for these marketing efforts. Read more

Determining Your Blog’s Ideal Reader

For your blog to be an asset to your business, you must prioritize consistent, high-quality content that educates readers and adds value to their lives. This means being clear about your blog's goal and your reader persona, and keeping the buyer's journey in mind in your posts. Read more

Writing Killer Blog Posts

When a visitor lands on any of your posts, they should be on the threshold of a treasure trove of content written with their best interests in mind: compelling titles, immaculate copy written in your unique voice, about topics that respond to what your readers really want to know. Read more

Coming up with Good Ideas for Your Blog Posts

"Blog once a week?! I'll run out of things to write about!" We've heard it... and we haven't seen it happen yet with bloggers who pay attention to their customers and their industry at large. Strategies for creating new blog content include everything from crowdsourcing to reader surveys. Read more

Types of Business Blog Posts

You've got your blog topics mapped out for the next few months. Now, how do you write post after post while offering your reader variety (and not boring yourself)? There are many blog post types you can choose from to get your creativity flowing and to help your content marketing efforts thrive. Read more

Using Compelling Featured Images on Your Blog Posts

While your blog titles should be compelling enough to draw readers in, your featured images will likely be the first thing a reader sees. These images should be unambiguous and relevant to your post, SEO friendly, reflective of your brand... and used legally. Read more

Choosing the Right Design and Functionality for Your Blog

By "good design and functionality," we mean that your blog content is intuitively categorized and easily navigable, your most valuable posts are readily available, your conversion paths are evident, your readers can interact with your posts, and the page is an aesthetic delight. Read more

Building Your Blog’s Audience

Once your blog content starts growing, you'll want to consider a deliberate promotional strategy to build your audience and reach prospects more quickly than your SEO efforts will. Methods include everything from guest blogging, to outbound links, to syndication. Read more

How to Hire a Freelance Blogger

If you're running a small business on your own or don't have in-house writers, you may need to hire a freelance blogger for your business. Where to search, how to write an effective job description, and what are the steps in the hiring process? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Read more

Our Favorite Examples of Effective Business Blogs

Your business blog is where you'll consistently offer content marketing that educates and meets prospect and customer needs, confirms your business as an authority, and converts grateful readers—again and again—over the long term. But the best business blogs are about so much more than good copy. Read more