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Secure business communication via Mail

Make your email communication stronger and more secure. With Zoho Mail's robust security and numerous features, such as Streams, email sharing, and an extensive control panel, get ready to experience a new kind of email.

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  • Secure, ad-free email.
  • Custom email addresses for your business.
  • Email retention and eDiscovery.
  • Social media-style collaboration with Streams.
  • Outlook to Zoho Mail migration support

Simplify your team communication in a click

Zoho Cliq offers numerous chat, calling, and automation features to help you and your coworkers stay connected and get more done.

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  • Create Channels to organize your group communication.
  • Make instant audio and video calls.
  • Automate activities with custom bots and command shortcuts.
  • Create events and set personal or team reminders directly from the chat.

Meet virtually, with real agendas with Meeting

Conduct online meetings from anywhere with real-time video, audio call-in options, remote control, and screen sharing.. With Zoho Meeting, you can quickly put together virtual meetings or start hosting webinars.

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  • Securely meet and collaborate online from anywhere.
  • Present your work with screen sharing and remote control.
  • Record meetings and webinars to share.
  • Conduct webinars, add co-organizers, and download webinar analytics.

Shared storage for your team files in WorkDrive

Transform the way your team collaborates with a secure, shared workspace. Zoho WorkDrive is a unified online file management platform that helps you store documents, share them with individuals and groups, and collaborate in a shared workspace.

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  • Create Team Folders to store files, share information, and work with your team.
  • Remote access from any device with added security.
  • Sync files with desktop storage to access offline.
  • OneDrive to Zoho WorkDrive migration.

Create, share, review, publish using Writer

Zoho Writer, our powerful word processor available on all devices, helps you create clean, stylish documents and collaborate in real time with your team any time and anywhere.

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  • Enhanced document review and collaboration tools.
  • Zia, Zoho's AI-powered writing assistant, offers detailed insights into your writing.
  • Integrations with WordPress, DocuSign, Google Photos, and more.
  • Word to Zoho Writer migration.

Great data insights using Sheet

As your go-to app for managing significant data, Zoho Sheet makes it easy to store, calculate, analyze, and even visualize your data.

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  • Zia, Zoho's AI-powered assistant, analyzes, and validates data through automated charts and pivot tables.
  • 350+ functions and custom options to power data analysis.
  • Real-time collaboration with teammates, plus document versions to prevent data loss.
  • Excel to Zoho Sheet migration.

Make your ideas flow seamlessly via Show

Use Zoho Show's intuitive features to create skillful presentations, allow multiple collaborators to work on your slides, share your ideas online, and more.

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  • Create slides with Show's smart elements, charts, graphs, and animations.
  • Review your presentation with your team in real time.
  • Share, publish, and broadcast your presentations.
  • PowerPoint to Zoho Show migration.

Collaborate with your coworkers, social-media style.

Zoho Connect gives your organization a social intranet to keep you and your coworkers connected, no matter where you all are.

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  • Groups, feeds, channels, forums, and town hall sessions for discussion and collaboration.
  • Create a knowledge base for your teams using manuals.
  • Store files, create events, and manage tasks.
  • Build custom apps for your team.

Stay organized in any situation.

Zoho Calendar helps you create a schedule, plan your events, share them with your teammates, and efficiently manage your day.

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  • Create a unified calendar for your team using Group Calendars.
  • Embed appointment forms and schedule appointments.
  • Manage external calendars by synchronizing or subscribing.
  • Outlook Calendar and Zoho Calendar sync.

Note'em all and pin it up using Notes

Jot down ideas and thoughts directly from your mailbox. Notes comes integrated with the Zoho Mail suite of apps.

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  • Embed notes as attachments.
  • Send notes as emails in Zoho Mail.
  • Create group notes in a Streams group.
  • Add comments and tag teammates in notes.

Never miss a single deadline.

With Tasks in the Zoho Mail app suite, you can create tasks, add due dates, reminders, and priorities, and effortlessly manage your workflow.

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  • Create tasks from emails using the Smart Create menu.
  • Group tasks for Streams groups in Zoho Mail.
  • Create sub-tasks and recurring tasks.
  • Add comments and assign tasks to teammates.
  • Import tasks from To-Do to Tasks in Zoho Mail.

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