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Notes is a part of the Zoho Mail suite of apps. You can access the Notes application from your Zoho Mail account.

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  • Get Started with Notes in Zoho Mail
  • Other features you'll love in Zoho Notes
    • Sticky notes
    • Checklists
    • Share personal notes
  • Comparison between the features of Microsoft OneNote and Notes in Zoho Mail

Get started with Notes in Zoho Mail

Open workplace.zoho.com in your browser and login using your Workplace account credentials. Navigate to Zoho Mail from the header. Switch to Notes from the left pane of the Zoho Mail window. You can also access notes by logging to Zoho Mail from mail.zoho.com.

You can start exploring Tasks in Zoho Mail with the following actions:

Features You'll Enjoy in Zoho Mail Notes

Notes in Zoho Mail offers you various interesting features. Explore the following features to learn more:

Sticky notes

Keep your notes floating wherever you want in the mailbox. Sticky notes help you carry your information across all Zoho Mail Suite apps guiding you seamlessly whenever you want. Best of all, you can create and access Sticky Notes from the right pane of your mailbox without having to navigate to the Notes app.


Your checklists could be for anything—tasks, purchase items, colleagues to contact, or emails to be sent. With Checklists, simply jot them down in a note, then strike them off to keep track of your unfinished business as you go.

Share personal notes

At times you may not want your notes to be visible to everyone. In such cases set your note to only be accessible by a select few by creating a personal note and inviting the respective organization members to view and discuss it. This is particularly helpful when the note consists of private information that can't be shared with everyone.

Comparison between the features of Microsoft OneNote and Notes in Zoho Mail

If you previously used Microsoft OneNote and have switched to Zoho Workplace, take a look at this comparison guide for the common features in Microsoft OneNote and Zoho Mail's Notes.

 Microsoft OneNote Zoho Mail
Group notes

You can create books in OneNote and add notes to those books. You can group your notes into pages, sections, and add them to a book.

You can add notes in the groups you are part of and all group members will be able to access it. You can also create books to consolidate your notes in every group.

Go to Groups > New Note.

Add attachments in notes

In OneNote, you can attach files to your notes in the pages.

When creating a note, you can add attachments to the note.

Open Note > Add attachment.

Print notes

You can print notes in pages, sections, or an entire notebook in OneNote.

You can print any of your notes saved in your Notes account.

Go to Note > More actions > Print.

Notes view

In OneNote, you can change the page view and appearance.

The Notes app offers various views to make it easy to locate your notes.

Go to Views in the left pane.

Collaboration in notes

You can share your notebook with other users, give them permission to view and edit, and invite them to collaborate on notes. You won't be able to share a single page with other users.

Whether you're working with personal notes or group notes, you can collaborate with your teammates by tagging them in the comments.

Open Note > @mention in comments.

Tag notes

You can tag notes available in your pages and then search using these tags. Some of the tags available are To Do, Important, and Question.

You can create numerous color-coded tags and associate each note with one or more tags to help filter your notes easily.

To create tags, go to Tags > Add icon.

To tag notes, go to Note > Add tag.

Create books

You can create multiple notes in a single page. A page or a collection of pages can be grouped into sections, which are part of a notebook.

In Groups, you can organize your notes into books and manage those books in the relevant groups.

Right click Group > Create a book.

Color code notes

In OneNote, you can change the color of your pages, section,s and notebooks individually.

Color-code your notes for easy identification with one of four color options.

Open Note > Change color.

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