Switch from Microsoft Teams to Zoho Cliq

Once you've made your switch to Zoho Workplace from Microsoft Office 365, you need to get your Zoho Cliq account set up. To set up your Zoho Cliq account, navigate to Zoho Cliq from your Workplace Dashboard.

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  • Get started with Zoho Cliq
  • Features that you'll enjoy in Zoho Cliq
    • Broadsheet View
    • Forked Chats
    • Channels
    • Group Calls
    • Remote Work
    • Integrations
    • Custom bots and tools
  • Compare Microsoft Teams and Zoho Cliq features

Get started with Zoho Cliq

From workplace.zoho.com, log in to your Zoho Workplace account using your email address and password. Navigate to Zoho Cliq from the header. You can also log in to Zoho Cliq using your Workplace account from cliq.zoho.com.

Features that you'll enjoy in Zoho Cliq

By using Zoho Cliq to its fullest potential, you can enhance your organization's productivity and collaborate efficiently. We've highlighted some of the most useful features that Cliq offers its users below:

Broadsheet view

The Broadsheet view lets you open multiple chats on the screen at a time. There's no more switching between tabs as you work. Stay updated on all your chats using the broadsheet view in Cliq.

Forked chats

No more threading of conversations. Create a new chat directly from your existing conversation using Cliq's Fork Chats feature.


Cliq Channels are enhanced versions of group chats that allow users to collaborate and connect efficiently in your organization. These can be made for different levels, such as organization-wide, team-specific, personal, or external chats. You can assign Roles to users in channels and also configure the permission settings.

Group calls

Collaborate with your team over an audio or video call anytime using Cliq's group call feature. Set up video or audio calls with your team instantly right from your conversation window. There's also an added option for real-time sharing of your screen when you're on a group call with your team members. You can also simultaneously chat, record the call, and take notes when engaged in a group call.

Remote work

Experience the ease and joy of working together in an office setup, even when you're working remotely using Cliq's Remote Work. This feature allows you to communicate in real time, and helps to imitate your office setting in the remote workspace of Cliq.

The Remote Work tab in Cliq allows virtual check-in and check-out, updating status according to your availability, broadcasting live video feed, and engaging instantly in group calls. It also facilitates effective project management from a remote workspace.


By integrating other workspace apps and Zoho apps with your Cliq account, users can stay up to date and access your apps directly from Cliq. For example, integrating your Twitter account with Zoho Cliq allows you to view tweets, comment, and instantly tweet right from your Cliq window.

Custom bots and tools

Using the Bots and Tools option in Cliq, you can create your own custom bots. Bot handlers also come in handy with a predefined set of responses to any specific actions or messages in a bot. Create, configure, and manage your own bots that function efficiently.

Compare Microsoft Teams and Zoho Cliq features

Find out how the features in Zoho Cliq and Google Hangouts compare against each other.

 Microsoft Teams Zoho Cliq

In Teams, the direct one-on-one conversations are displayed under the Chats tab separately, and channel conversations are displayed under teams tab.

Access to conversations

Cliq's LHS covers provides quick access to everything right from pinned chats to channel conversations. It includes private one-on-one conversations, contacts, widgets, channel conversations, and pinned conversations.

Teams use threaded conversations.

Fork Chats

Directly create a new chat from your existing conversation using Cliq's Fork chats feature to avoid clusters and confusions.

Hover over and choose the part of the conversation to share and click on the actions icon. Select Fork from here to fork the chat to specific user/ users.

You have to switch tabs in order to navigate between a chat window or a channel conversation to another.

Broadsheet view

There's no more switching between tabs as you work. The Broadsheet view facilitates to open multiple chats on the screen at a time.

alt+enter is the shortcut key to enable and disable broadsheet view in Cliq.

Individual audio and video calls can be invoked by opening the chat window of a particular user under the Chats tab and clicking on the call icon.


You can directly start an audio or video call right from your chat window.

You can also share your screen with the other person using the Screenshare option.

The Teams search box only allows users to search using @mentions.

Search bar

Cliq's search bar comes with advanced filters to pull up anything in a matter of seconds.

Invoking Slash commands

Slash commands can only be used in the search box to provoke a specific action instantly.

Slash commands permit you to call for actions right from any ongoing chat.

Create an event

There are multiple steps involved in creating a new event.To create and schedule a meeting in Teams. you first need to click on the Calendar tab, then select Date.

By clicking on the specific date you will be shown a New Meeting form where you can fill in the meeting details and click Save.

Click on the event notifier icon in the top right corner and select Create Event.

You can also create events instantly from your conversation window using Smart suggestions.

Cliq can detect time and dates in a conversation and it will highlight them in the conversation. Hover over it to see an option to Add to calendar.


Channels are dedicated sections under a specific team.

Creating a new channel

Channels can be created for different levels, such as organization-wide, team-specific, personal, or external chats.

To create a channel: Click the + icon next to Channels in the LHS pane.

You can also create a channel easily from the Quick Plus '+' icon next to Search in the top bar.

In teams, you can only configure channel moderation settings.

Channel Permissions

Channel actions can be controlled by set of parameters called Permissions. Configure permissions to users based on the requirements of the channel.

Click on the particular channel and go to the Channel preview page. Click on Permissions in the channel preview page to cofigure permissions.

You need to click the Meet now button below the chat bar in a channel facilitates to start a group call and display a message that a meeting has been started. The members can join the call by clicking the Join meeting.

Group call

Open a group conversation you're a part of and click on the Call icon present in the chat header. Choose Audio/ Video and start the call right away.

There's no archiving option available in Teams.

Archiving a channel

Open the Channel preview page and click on the horizontal ellipsis menu in bottom right corner and select Archive.

Hiding a channel in Teams requires multiple clicks to navigate through a menu.

You'll have to, click on a specific channel, select More options, then select Hide.

Hide channels

Just click on the channels in the LHS pane to hide your channels.


Build dashboards and develop apps with low-code tools and also integrate your other apps with teams to custom your workflow.

Integrate your apps and custom build bots and commands with ease. Cliq has a platform powered by Deluge, which makes it easier to build and integrate.

All-in-one platform for unified collaboration!

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