Switch from Microsoft To Do to Tasks in Zoho Mail

The Tasks app comes bundled with the Zoho Mail suite of products. It serves as a comprehensive task management tool, facilitating collaborative work directly within Zoho Mail.

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  • Get started with Tasks in Zoho Mail
  • Features you'll enjoy in Tasks
    • Unified view
    • One time add for recurring tasks
    • Customizable views and Kanban Boards
  • Comparison between the features of Microsoft To Do and Tasks in Zoho Mail

Get started with Tasks in Zoho Mail

Log in to Zoho Workplace from workplace.zoho.com using your Zoho Workplace account credentials. Once you have logged in, navigate to Zoho Mail from the header. Switch to Tasks (powered by Zoho ToDo) in the left pane of Zoho Mail.

You can start exploring Tasks with the following actions:

Features you'll enjoy in Tasks

Tasks offers you various features that will make your work easier. Explore the following features to know more:

Unified View

Having control over your tasks list while using multiple applications can be difficult. With the Unified View, you can stop toggling between applications to manage different tasks from different apps. Add, access, and make changes to all your Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, and other Zoho apps' work items right from your mailbox.

One time add for recurring tasks

Sometimes, you may need to do the same work multiple times. However, you don't have to add the same task to your app again. With the Recurring Task feature, set a recurrence pattern for daily, weekly, or monthly, and sit in peace while we remind you when it's the time for repeats.

Customizable views and Kanban Boards

When you have a lot of tasks lined up, you may want to filter out specific tasks to get a better bird's eye view. Choose the right view to get the perfect glimpse at your tasks. For further enhancement, enjoy the Kanban Boards design and visualize your work better.

Comparison between the features of Microsoft To Do and Tasks in Zoho Mail

If you've been using Microsoft To Do to manage your tasks, this comparison will help you get familiar with the correlating features in Tasks (Zoho Mail).

 Microsoft To Do Zoho Mail
Group tasks

You can create a group and add as many to-do lists as required in a particular group.

Create a group in Tasks, add group members, and start adding tasks related to the group here.

Click the Add icon in Groups.

Learn more about Group Tasks.

Assign tasks to users

Tasks in a shared list can be assigned to list members. Once the task has been assigned, the list members can see who it has been assigned to.

While creating a task, you can assign users to that particular task and also set a due date for it.

Go to New task > Task title > @assignee.

Add attachment to tasks

Files can be added as attachments to tasks in Microsoft To Do.

When you create a task, you can attach any necessary documents or files needed for that task.

Open a task > Attachment.

Create task projects

Users can create group lists for tasks. You can add members to the list and create multiple tasks in the group list.

For every task group, you can create multiple projects. For each project in a group, you can set tasks needed to complete that project.

Right-click Group > Create Project.

Explore the topic on creating projects in Tasks.

Recurring tasks

When you create a task, you can set it to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or use the custom repeat option.

You can create a task and set it to repeat on any schedule for a definitive period using "Recurring" option.

Open task > Recurring > Enter recurring schedule


You can add subtasks to a task you create.

Once you have created a task, you can add subtasks and assign them to users.

Open task > Subtask.

Collaborate in the comments

You can share a task list with other users by adding users in the list.

You can collaborate with your teammates in task comments. You can also share the task with users who are not part of the group by tagging them in the comments.

Go to Task comments > @mention.

Tasks priorities

To assign importance to a task, you can add a star to the task.

When creating a task, you can set the task priority as high, medium, or low.

Open task > Priority.

Import and export tasks

You can import tasks into To Do and export your tasks lists.

You can import tasks from a CSV file and also export your tasks from Zoho Mail as a CSV file.

Get more details on importing and exporting tasks.

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