Switch from Microsoft PowerPoint to Zoho Show

Once you've made your switch to Zoho Workplace from Microsoft 365, you need to get your Zoho Show account set up. This guide will help you better understand the features and get acquainted with Zoho Show.

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  • Get started with Zoho Show
  • Features that you'll love in Zoho Show
    • Templates and themes
    • Real-time collaboration
    • Endless customization options
    • Data visualization tools
    • Effortless sharing
    • Multi-device compatibility
  • Comparison between Microsoft PowerPoint and Zoho Show

Get started with Zoho Show

Log in to Zoho Workplace using your Workplace account credentials and navigate to Zoho Show, or go to show.zoho.com and log in with your Zoho Workplace account. After you’ve landed on Show's dashboard, you can start using Zoho Show for your business.

Features that you'll love in Zoho Show

Zoho Show comes fully equipped with all the features you'll need to create a compelling presentation. Predefined templates, real-time collaboration, visualization tools, secure sharing capabilities, and more, provide a seamless experience for presentation aficionados. While there’s a lot to talk about, here are some of the important features that we offer:

Templates and themes

We know getting started is difficult. That's why Show offers you a wide range of predefined templates. Whether it's a start-up pitch, a quarterly sales meeting, or a boardroom huddle, our templates help you skip the design process and concentrate on the content.

Real-time collaboration

Invite collaborators to the slide creation process and work together on slides simultaneously. Teams can discuss ideas using the built-in smart chat, and you can also customize user roles to control who can view, comment, and edit the slides.

Endless customization options

Choosing themes, colors, fonts, shapes, gradients, and more—Show offers unlimited customization features to make your slide design process effective and seamless.

Data visualization tools

Show offers you extensive visualization tools, such as animation, infographics, smart elements, customizable shapes, silhouettes, and more. Choose your favorite and start expressing your ideas dynamically!

Effortless sharing

Mail your presentations to your coworkers, or to external stakeholders without a hitch. And you can choose to export files as PDFs or PPTs for use outside of Show.

Multi-device compatibility

Whether you're using a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer, Show offers a seamless experience. You can also deliver slides on any smart TV, and use your smart phone or wearable as a remote to control them.

Comparison between Microsoft PowerPoint and Zoho Show

If you've used Microsoft PowerPoint previously, you might be wondering how to explore the features in Zoho Show. To get you started, we've created a feature comparison table that will help you make the most out of Show.

 Microsoft PowerPoint Zoho Show
Comprehensive dashboard

Once you log in, you'll be taken to a launch page where you can view all your files and themes.

Dashboard view

View your assets on a single page, where you can access all your files, templates, themes, and shared/created presentations.

The launch page gives you limited themes to choose from. You have to upgrade to the premium plan to access all the themes.


Show's dashboard offers you themes for free. Just choose your preferred one and add it to your library.

Go to Gallery > Choose theme

PowerPoint does not come preloaded with templates on the launch page.


Show offers you a range of preloaded template for free.

Go to Gallery > Choose templates

Create presentations

The toolbar in PowerPoint consists of multiple levels of menus and options.

Functional, minimalist UI

Show's clutter-free user interface provides you with the most important options required to create a slide.

Manually choose options by digging through multiple layers of menus.

Contextual panel

Based on the tasks you're performing, all relevant options will automatically appear on the right panel.

PowerPoint offers you options like path animations, infographics, smart elements, and customizable shapes.

Data visualization tools

Show offers you options like path animations, infographics, smart elements, customizable shapes, and more.

Insert and edit fonts, themes, colors, shapes, image effects, text effects, and animations.

Customization options

Changing things like fonts, themes, colors, shapes, image effects, text effects, and animations can be done with a click of your mouse.

Perform spell checks and eliminate grammatical issues.

Built-in dictionary

Perform spell checks and eliminate grammatical issues.

Go to Review > Tools > Spell Check

Changes made on one slide get reflected on all other slides.

Master slide layout

When you want all your slides to contain the same fonts and images (such as logos), you can make those changes in one place—the slide master—and they'll be applied to all your other slides.

There's no support for live Twitter feeds.

Live Twitter feeds

Add liveTtwitter feeds to your slides and it will automatically be updated as you present. (An internet connection is required for this feature)

Go to Media > Twitter feeds

PowerPoint does not support external add-ons.

Essential add-ons

Show comes with a marketplace, where you can download and add your favorite apps to your presentation stable.

Choose Add-ons on the tool bar to explore the world of Show's add-ons.

PowerPoint does not support Zoho Show files.

PowerPoint compatibility

Import your existing .pptx files and work on them without any formatting issues.

Choose File > Import

Real-time collaboration

Invite your team members using their email address, to make them a part of the slide creation process.

Invite collaborators

Invite your team members using their email address, to make them a part of the slide creation process.

Go to Share > Invite collaborators

Based on user roles, you can assign permissions accordingly.

Assign user permissions

Provide user permissions, such as edit, view-only, share, and co-owner, to make sure your slides don't undergo any unauthorized edits.

Add, edit, and change comments on slides.

Contextual commenting

Add comments to any slide element to let your team members know what you think. Comments can involve just text, or you can add images and gifs to make it a little more lively.

Right click and choose Add comments.

Chat with your team members using PowerPoint's chat option.

Built-in smart chat

You can converse with your team using our built-in smart chat. You can also add images and gifs to the conversation thread to make your points more visually.

Go to Review > Comments.

Share presentations

Share presentations via email.

Via emails

You can share your presentation by entering an email address, or creating a URL for your file and sharing it via email.

Select Share > Invite collaborators

Publish your presentation on a web page.

Publish presentations

Publish presentations externally on websites, social media, blogs, and in videos.

Go to Share > Publish Presentations

Broadcast presentations to a remote audience. The audience members can follow along on their web browsers.

Remote broadcasting

Deliver presentations remotely to any audience, across the globe. It doesn’t matter if your attendees are next door or miles away, they can still be active participants by joining your broadcast right from their browsers.

Go to Share > Broadcast

Remote communication is not possible in PowerPoint.

Remote communication

Foster meaningful discussions with remote audiences to improve participation, as everyone gets a chance to express their views, ask questions, and clarify doubts.

Mobile and smart TV apps

PowerPoint is available on Apple and Android.

Show is available as Android and iOS apps.

PowerPoint does not support any smart TV.

Show also has smart TV support. Cast to an Android or Apple TV, and control slides using your smart phone or wearable as a remote.

All-in-one platform for unified collaboration!

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