Meet Zoho WorkDrive:

Your secure file storage platform.

Zoho WorkDrive is both ISO 27001 and SOC-2 compliant offering end-to-end data encryption, so your files are always safe at transit and rest.

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Zoho Workdrive

Backup any file or folder

Build a central repository for all your team files. With 220+ supported files formats, users can backup and preview any file type at any time.


Make optimum use of shared storage

Gone are the days of having to purchase additional storage or constantly monitoring how much space you have left. From marketers to designers, everyone on your team will have more than enough room for every type of file with Zoho WorkDrive.


Keep your files secure

WorkDrive provides enterprise-level security. You can even restrict account access from certain IP addresses to avoid logins from unwanted places.

  • "Zoho WorkDrive allows us to have a single repository for everything we're working on, which makes us more organised. In fact, it is more reliable and easier to use than Google Drive for Teams."

    Jamie Lupton, Managing Director, Alfafado Ltd.


Access from any device

Work on the web, view files from your mobile and review them on your iPad wherever you go with the WorkDrive apps for iOS and Android.


Recover files easily

WorkDrive stores deleted files (including their previous versions) for up to three months so you can recover any document with zero hassle.


Work on files offline

Download the WorkDrive Desktop app and sync files or folders right to your device so you can access and work on them offline.

Store on the cloud and have access from anywhere with Zoho WorkDrive.

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