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  • How does your educational institution benefit from Zoho WorkDrive?

How does your educational institution benefit from Zoho WorkDrive?

  • Last Updated : December 15, 2023
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A well-functioning educational institution is key for nurturing future talent. This is why having a versatile document management solution in place for administration is vital.

Here are a few ways Zoho WorkDrive helps bolster your school or college’s documentation system using a combination of helpful features:  

1: More efficient processes 

One of the key benefits of a modern solution is reducing the physical burden on your premises. Once you switch to desktop management software, you reduce clutter, while ensuring your institution’s information is kept in an accessible and readable format.

Whether it's a student record, class schedule, or the budget report for the quarter, your files are stored safely and are accessible to the appropriate user at any given time. There are fewer errors in the process and fewer costs incurred, as managing data is easier with online tools.

Storage is never a problem and you’ll be able to store years' worth of your institution’s data with ease. Plus, you’ll always have quick access to necessary information with powerful search options.

2: Better security  

When it comes to the education sector, data security and transparency are of the utmost importance. Ensuring the proper handling of student information is crucial. With WorkDrive's secure file encryption and sharing options, you can rest assured that your data isn’t being shared with anyone other than the people involved in your organization.

Sending important files to a parent or student? You can set a password for the data before sending to ensure no one can open it other than the intended recipients.

3: Functionality across departments

Zoho WorkDrive provides a multitude of features that are useful to the different departments of an institution. Here’s a look at where and how these features can help.

i. Reception desk: The front-facing end of any institution requires student and staff information to be accessible within its system. WorkDrive maintains this information and ensures it’s quickly accessible to other teams whenever they need to look up a certain person’s details.

ii. Financial team: In all industries, the management of money is key. Maintaining correct records on student loans, department budgets, and more is easier when documents are stored digitally. Digital storage decreases, or even removes, the risks involved in physical storage, such as loss of data and privacy violations due to documents being mishandled.

iii. Admin team: Similar to financial records, legal information is delicate. There’s a level of privacy to be maintained with such sensitive data. This is why the admin team of an institution is responsible for sharing a student’s personal info (such as transfer letters or medical records). With WorkDrive, you have to the ability to set up appropriate access levels for concerned personnel to ensure the data is handled carefully.

The education sector is a complex and flexible system meant to give people the best possible learning experience. A multitude of departments must come together to support and further this cause. With Zoho WorkDrive, you can stay a step ahead in your efforts to reach your institution's goals.

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