Five ways to be an excellent remote co-worker

  • Last Updated : December 15, 2023
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Five Ways to be a great remote coworker

One of the most fulfilling things in your career is the ability to build effective work relationships. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your colleagues can boost efficiency and add to a constructive workplace.

And whether we are ready or not, COVID-19 has forced companies to move into a "work from home" environment. Even though this trend has benefits for both employees and employers, it comes with a few struggles.

For example,the employees working from home might feel ignored and left out. To avoid this, one should take time to bond with their co-workers and create a positive, collaborative environment. 

Understanding your working companions and supporting them, even when you're not physically around them, can help you become a better virtual co-worker. This, in turn, will also help you learn from each other.

This article, in detail, will discuss five essential skills to help you become an excellent remote co-worker.

Communicate effectively in the workplace

Make an effort to know your colleagues and actively engage with them whenever possible. Responding quickly to your co-workers' emails and listening to their ideas on virtual meetings will show your respect towards them.

Help your team stay informed 

People might perform well individually, but working together requires collaboration among team members. When group members feel out of the loop, they're likely to get frustrated. It's important to update your fellow workers on the status of your daily tasks, and maintain proper deadlines on combined projects.

Have positive meeting habits

Everyone should follow the basic rules of etiquette for remote conferences:

  • Being early to conference calls

  • Having a noiseless virtual environment and/or muting your mic when not speaking

  • Waiting for your turn to talk

  • Staying on topic

  • Being prepared with the necessary reports

People should also prepare themselves to host and organize video conferences when working in a remote team environment.

Be concise in your messages

Whether it's a business email or a text message in your team's chat group, consistent and clear writing is essential to present the right message to all. Avoid sending emails with multiple subjects or requests, which can overwhelm the recipient and result in them missing out on the entire message.

Strengthen your social relationships 

Virtual conversations with your co-workers don't have to be just about work. Find ways to socialize with your workmates and reduce affinity distances, which will pave the way for fruitful future collaborations. Adding a personal touch to every meeting you have with your office accomplices can strengthen your relationships.


It's the employers' responsibility to create a high-quality organization culture for their employees. They can guide their employees towards effective communication in the workplace by implementing a content-centric collaborative platform. This can help them remain focused on productivity and employee engagement.


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