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Your first step towards online security

Passwords are the first line of defence for your online accounts, and in some cases, even your entire company. Generate passwords that are unique and random for all your online accounts and keep them secure. Utilize our password generator tool to create strong passwords, avoiding reuse of passwords.

Strong passwords are random, long passwords

The longer your password, the harder it gets for an attacker trying to crack it. With our strong password generator, you can create random passwords at your will. Use these passwords to instantly sign up to new online accounts. Also, ensure the minimum length of your passwords are at least 12 characters long. The longer your passwords, the better your account's security. 

Never reuse passwords

An average working professional is said to own 190+ online accounts, each of which comes with different password policies. Reusing a single strong password across multiple accounts risks the data from all your accounts when an attacker gains access to just one of your account passwords. You even risk your entire company if you use the same personal password for work.

Keep it simple

Millions of passwords get leaked every year, and shockingly, "123456", "password", "admin", "welcome", and "qwerty," are still some of the most frequently used passwords that get breached. People set up simple passwords for their convenience, but security is no trade-off for comfort. Zoho Vault gives you a secure solution by remembering all passwords for you, letting you access them with just a single, strong master password.

Leave your worries behind with Zoho Vault

Generating stong, complex passwords are relatively easy, but remembering them all is a different story. With a password manager like Vault, you no longer need to remember more than one password. You can generate passwords and store an unlimited number of these passwords for free in Vault and access them with a single strong master password, redefining security with simplicity.

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Access from multiple devices

Synchronize your passwords across different devices for free! Experience the same ease and security when using any device, and make every login secure with Vault.

Enhanced browser experience for hassle-free login

Generate strong passwords for new sign ups and conveniently store them in Vault. Access your existing passwords and manage them all from within your browser. Log in to websites in a single click, and let our browser extensions autofill passwords for you. Download the browser extensions of Zoho Vault for free using the links below

Strong passwords, whenever you need them

Take your passwords with you wherever you go, and access them even without internet. Get our free mobile apps for iOS and Android for instant access to your passwords in your pocket.

Affordable password vault for all businesses

Vault is the preferred password safe for thousands of customers, helping them safeguard their critical enterprise info. You can configure Single Sign On (SSO) instantly for 100+ cloud apps and any other apps that support the SAML 2.0 configuration for your business. We also have an extensive range of integrations available to make your life easier.

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