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Hitting “forgot password” often? Struggling to manage all your unique passwords or don’t know how to share passwords safely at work? It’s time to revisit your password management strategy.

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Hitting “forgot password” often? Struggling to manage all your unique passwords or don’t know how to share passwords safely at work? It’s time to revisit your password management strategy.

Everyone needs a password manager

Picture this. You’re no longer in the 20th century. You don’t have to step out of your house to get your favorite hamburger, or go to the theaters early to get tickets for a popular movie. You can now order groceries just by speaking out loud and even work from home, saving hours of commute time.

This cloud revolution has changed our lives for the better in numerous ways. You have the world in your palms, but sadly, there’s a catch: you’ve got to remember all the different passwords that protect your accounts. Unless you have a photographic memory, the solution is password managers.

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What is a password manager?

A password manager is an app that helps you organize and manage your passwords and other sensitive details like social security number, bank account information, license and passport details—all from one place. You can safely access data saved in your password manager using the single master password that unlocks your password vault.

People often use weak passwords or reuse one strong password across all their accounts in order to easily remember passwords for all the accounts they use. Unfortunately, doing this makes their accounts vulnerable to external threats, and weak and vulnerable passwords cause about 61% of all data breaches. By adopting a password manager, you can protect your accounts from these potential threats.

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Are password managers safe to use?


Absolutely. Security researchers and experts encourage people to adopt password managers as they are considered “the safest option when it comes to data protection.” Good quality password managers use the highest encryption standards to protect your passwords from being exposed as plain text, even if the service were to be compromised for unforeseen reasons.

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It’s important to pick the password manager that’s right for you. Password managers like Zoho Vault follow industry-grade encryption standards, provide high service reliability with 99.9% uptime, and offer an intuitive interface filled with a comprehensive set of features. Using Vault’s web app, browser extensions, and native apps for iOS, Android, iPadOS, you can seamlessly manage your passwords across all your devices.

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Tailor-made features for everyone

Whether you need a password manager for personal or business use, Vault’s extensive feature set has everyone’s needs covered. Teams can safely manage their passwords, share them within their enterprise, monitor user actions and the password security scores of every employee in the organization, and much more. Vault is also one of the most integrated password managers on the market, helping businesses automate password access requests, periodically back up their passwords, and gain crucial security insights.


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Our personal edition is free-forever and allows users to store unlimited passwords and documents. Vault offers multi-factor authentication, free sync across unlimited devices, security dashboard, offline access, and much more. Teams and businesses can sign up for a 15-day free trial of Vault’s paid editions to safely share passwords with their teams and third parties.