Need for password storage apps

The internet has made our lives easier. Almost every essential task can be performed from the comforts of our home using the web and software applications. However, while these apps help get the work done, they also make us more reliant on an increasing number of applications every day.

In one of our recent customer surveys, over 1 in 3 users stated that they used anywhere between 10 and 100 apps at home and work every week, with almost 5% using over 100 apps. Additionally, businesses continue adopting new tools at work to overcome competition. This may increase productivity, but also inadvertently burdens their employees with more accounts to manage. This emphasizes the need for individuals and teams to find a safe way to store passwords using online password storage apps.

The best way to store passwords

Password storage apps provide a safe repository to organize all your sensitive passwords in one place. Users can access all their saved passwords by remembering just one strong, unique password that unlocks the app. It eliminates the need to remember multiple credentials and grants users hassle-free access to their passwords anywhere in the world, from any device. Enterprises can also use such apps to safeguard their business-critical passwords and promote safe collaboration by allowing teams to share passwords with relevant employees securely.

Complete security for your passwords

Passwords are the first line of defense for any account, so it’s essential to secure them. Studies show that over 80% of all data breaches in the hacking category happen when attackers exploit weak, stolen, or brute-forced credentials. By adopting a safe password storage software at your enterprise, you can encourage users to secure their accounts with strong, unique passwords and prevent potential password-based cyber attacks.

Benefits of adopting Zoho’s password storage tool

Zoho Vault, Zoho’s in-house password manager for individuals and teams, is one of the best password storage apps around. With Vault, you can eliminate poor password hygiene and enjoy many other benefits.

View all benefits of Zoho’s free password storage app

  • Store unlimited passwords and other sensitive information
  • Auto-generate unique, strong passwords for new accounts
  • Gain detailed insights on the strength of your saved passwords
  • Sync passwords across devices and access them from anywhere
  • Protect your vault with multi-factor authentication
  • Autofill passwords across websites and applications
  • Access your passwords offline, even in regions with low-network coverage

Securing your business passwords with Zoho Vault

With an increase in password-based cyber threats, a password storage software like Zoho Vault is of prime importance for businesses. Vault addresses the security demands of enterprises of all sizes with its extensive list of features.

Learn more about Zoho Vault’s enterprise-grade features

  • Secure sharing of passwords within teams and third parties
  • In-depth insights on password security score for the entire organization
  • Powerful admin controls to moderate user activities and restrict access
  • Real-time audits on every sensitive action performed
  • Extensive visual reports on user activity and password management
  • Custom email alerts for sensitive operations
  • Emergency access to business passwords when employees are unavailable
  • Periodic data backup to avert crises
  • Access to set up passwordless authentication using Single Sign-On (SSO)

Can I trust Zoho Vault with my passwords?

Vault is a part of Zoho’s suite of   applications, a brand trusted by over   million customers. Zoho Vault uses the host-proof-hosting technique—a secure, proven mechanism by hosting sensitive data in an encrypted form to ensure only clients can access and manage their data using their unique master password.

All user data gets encrypted and decrypted (AES 256) in the browser with the user’s master password, and only the encrypted data is stored in Zoho’s servers. The user’s master password is never stored anywhere by Vault, preventing even Zoho employees from accessing your data. We also mandate that all connections to our servers use Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2/1.3) encryption with strong ciphers for all connections. Zoho is also SOC II and GDPR compliant, making it an excellent choice for businesses.

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Trust Zoho Vault

How to get started with Zoho Vault?

Vault is forever free for personal use and is accessible across devices without additional cost. If you’re looking to access Zoho Vault’s free password storage solution, you can get started by creating your account. You can also download our browser extension and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Vault is also accessible from iPad and Apple Watch.

If you wish to use our password storage software for your business, feel free to sign up for a 14-day trial. We never ask for your credit card details during the trial period, and you’re free to try any paid edition of your choice.

You can take a product tour to get familiar with our solution, access our help documents to get started, and reach out to us if you require technical assistance.

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