Zoho Inventory



  1. How do packages work?
  2. How do I create packages in Zoho inventory?
  3. Can I create packages directly without a sales order?
  4. Can I create multiple packages for a single sales order?
  5. Can I import/export my package slips?
  6. Can I create a single shipment order for multiple packages?


  1. What are the prerequisites to create a shipment order?
  2. I ship my own products, can I record manual shipments?
  3. Can I obtain shipping rates from different carriers before I choose my mode of shipment?
  4. How do I track the status of my shipments?
  5. Will I be able to track the position of the packages post shipping?
  6. How do I set a default dispatch address to show on my shipping slips?
  7. How to void a shipment?