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Can I obtain shipping rates from different carriers before I choose my mode of shipment?

When you ship your goods using a shipment provider, you can get rates from all the shipping channels you have integrated with. To do so:

  • Create a package.
  • Open the package slip.
  • Click on the Ship button.
  • Choose the Ship via Carrier option in the drop down to proceed.
  • The shipment page will open up.

Image of new shipment page using a shipment provider

  • By default the From address will be the address of your organization and the To address will be the shipping address of the customer that you have stored in contacts.
  • The Package field will also be automatically populated with the package number of the concerned package you ship.
  • You can verify address and you can also Change address if the need arises by clicking on the options below the address field. (Note: Only US addresses can be verified)
  • Enter the Shipment order and the shipment date either the ones for your reference or the ones provided by your shipper in the Shipment Order# tab and ship date tab.
  • Choose a standard parcel type or add a custom one.
  • On choosing a custom package, you have to provide the package dimensions in the respective fields.
  • Enter the weight of the product.
  • Choose other options like Saturday delivery, signature option and Cash on delivery if applicable
  • Click on the Get Rates button to get current shipment rates for the package.
  • The rates from shipping services will be displayed below.
  • You can also choose to recalculate rates, if you wish to make any changes by clicking on the Recalculate Charges button.
  • After making your choices, click on the Save button to successfully create a shipment.