Zoho Inventory


Can I create a single shipment order for multiple packages?

Yes! You can include multiple packages in a single shipment order in Zoho Inventory. Here’s how:

Important Note:

  • Only those packages that are associated with the same sales order can be included in a shipment.
  • The following steps is applicable only for manual shipping method.
  • Open a sales order with multiple packages.
  • Click on Create button and choose Shipment option.

Manual Shipping of multiple packages

  • When you select Ship Manually as your mode of shipment, a New Shipment page opens.
  • Select all the packages that you would like to include from the drop-down.

Image of Packages drop-down

Image of the Selected packages

  • Fill up the Shipment Order#, Carrier and other fields.
  • If the shipment is already delivered, then check the option Shipment already Delivered.
  • If you wish to notify the customer about the shipment, click on Send Notification to Customer.
  • Click Save to successfully save a shipment.
  • A package slip with the tracking ID and shipment details is created.

Image of the Package slip with shipped status