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Expense QuickBooks integration

Zoho Expense and QuickBooks Online

Your expense reporting and accounting solutions shouldn't work independently. Zoho Expense and QuickBooks are seamlessly integrated to give you an expense accounting experience with no hiccups.

Zoho Expense and QuickBooks dashboard
Zoho Expense
What is Zoho Expense?

For those of you who are new, Zoho Expense is a system that automates your organizational expense reporting process and helps you control spending.

Why should you integrate
QuickBooks Online and Zoho Expense?

Expense QuickBooks Integration Sync

Once you integrate the two apps, all your expense accounts, customers, and employee information from your QuickBooks Online account will be fetched into Zoho Expense.

Expense QuickBooks Integration Account

Expense reports can be set up to be pushed to your QuickBooks Online account automatically on approval, or on the click of a button.

Expense QuickBooks Integration Associate

You can also associate customers and employees from your QuickBooks Online account to expenses in Zoho Expense and make sure no billable expenses are overlooked.

Expense reporting process in Zoho Expense
Expense QuickBooks Integration capture
Expense QuickBooks Integration reported
Add the expenses
to a report
Submit for approval
Expense QuickBooks Integration submit
Expense QuickBooks Integration autopush
Approved reports are auto-pushed to QuickBooks Online

Our customers love using Zoho Expense with QuickBooks Online

review quotes
This works seamlessly with QuickBooks! Unlike other systems you are able to customize the information you collect which is a big pro.
After testing out multitudes of platforms (Expensify, Concur, etc.) Zoho by far is the best. It is simple and intuitive to use, flexible on the backend to easily configure workflows that match existing policies and the integration between QB, AMEX and Zoho works flawlessly! The pricing is also much better than its competitors!
We are just starting our business and have a few years of expenses that need to be added as start up costs. Zoho made it incredibly easy with their auto scan feature. I took a picture, verified the details, and then exported the expense into QB.
Our employees are ecstatic that they can scan receipts from their phones, and easily generate an expense report - rather than manually creating one in excel. I like that Zoho Expense integrates easily with QB Online. I'm excited to see what else this app offers.

star rating 4.6/5

Note: Reviews were taken from the Intuit QuickBooks app store.

Mobile expense report apps - Zoho Expense
Send expense reports to QuickBooks on the go
Zoho Expense is available for iOS, and Android, so your expense reporting isn't tied to your desk.
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