Why is the purchase price not getting updated while importing items?

When you import items from the Items module, ensure that you have added a separate column in the file to track the Item Type.

The values allowed for Item Type column are:

  • Sales - Only Sales Information will be enabled for the item.
  • Purchases - Only Purchase Information will be enabled for the item.
  • Sales and Purchases - Both Sales Information and Purchase Information will be enabled.
  • Inventory - Inventory tracking will be enabled for the item in addition to Sales and Purchase Information.

To update the item types and purchase rates for all existing items, you can export the items list and attempt an Overwrite import with the appropriate item type. The corresponding fields will be overwritten with the data in the import file.


  • Product Type and Item Type are two separate fields. Product Type determines whether the item is Goods or a Service. Make sure the Item Type field in the mapping page is correctly mapped with the Item Type column in the import file.

  • If you specify Inventory as the Item Type, it is mandatory to add the respective Inventory Account as well. Hence, make sure you add the Inventory Account column also to your import file.

If you still face any difficulties, write to us at with your import file.

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