How do I add a Primary Client to fetch timesheets from Zoho Projects?

With the enhanced Zoho Books-Zoho Projects integration, only the projects that are associated with a Primary Client will be fetched from Zoho Projects.

There are three ways to associate a primary client to a project:

1.While adding a client company in your portal

As you add a new client company in your Zoho Projects’ portal, it makes it your primary client by default. Here’s how :

  • Click the Setup icon in the top-right corner.
  • Go to the Manage Users section and select Client Users.
Client Users
  • Click the drop-down near Add Client User and select Add Client Company.
Add client company
  • Enter a name for the Client Company. The Mark as Primary Client option will be selected by default.
  • Associate a project and enter other necessary details.
  • Click Add.

2.While adding a client company in your project

If you are working on a particular project and you’re trying to add a primary client, you can do it from the Users module. To to this:

  • Select the project for which you’d like to add a primary client.
  • Click More Options (three dots) in the left menu and select the Users module.
  • Go to the Client Users tab.
  • Click the drop-down near Add Client User and select Add Client Company.
Add client company
  • Add a new client company or select an existing company and mark it as primary.
  • Click Add.

3.While creating invoices for a project

To create invoices for a project, you will have to have a primary client. To add the primary client from the Finance tab:

  • Select the project for which you would like to create an invoice.
  • Click the Add Primary Client button in the page.
Add client company

Insight: This option will be available only if you haven’t created any transactions yet.

  • Select the client company from the drop-down or create a new client company.
  • Click Add as Primary Client to save.

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