How do I add a Primary Client to fetch timesheets from Zoho Projects?

With the enhanced Zoho Books-Zoho Projects integration, only the Projects that are associated with a Primary Client will be fetched from Zoho Projects.

There are three ways to associate a primary client to a project:

1.While adding a client company in your portal

As you add a new client company in your Zoho Projects’ portal, it becomes your primary client by default. Here’s how :

  • Click the Setup icon in the top-right corner.
  • Go to the Manage Users section and select Client Users.
Client Users
  • Click Add Client Company.
Add client company
  • Enter a name for the Client Company.
  • Associate a project and enter other necessary details. If this is the first client company in the selected projects, the client company wille set as primary client by default.
  • Click Add.

2.While adding a client company in your project

If you are working on a particular project and you’re trying to add a primary client, you can do it from the Users module. To to this:

  • Go to Zoho Projects and navigate to the Projects module.
  • Select the project for which you’d like to add a primary client.
  • Click the More icon.
  • Select Client Users from the drop-down and click Add Client Company.
Add client company
  • Click Add to proceed.
  • You can mark the client as primary by clicking Primary Client near to the client name.

Note: If this is your first client company in the project, the Make as Primary Client option will be freezed and cannot be changed. The option will only be available for user intervention while adding subsequent client companies to the same project.

3.While creating invoices for a project

To create invoices for a project, you will have to have a primary client. To add a primary client from the Finance tab:

  • Select the project for which you would like to create an invoice.
  • Click the Add Primary Client button in the page.
Add client company

Insight: This option will be available only if you haven’t created any transactions yet.

  • Select the client company from the drop-down or create a new client company.
  • Click Set as Primary Client to save.

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