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What is concept testing?

Concept testing enables you to measure your customer's attitude towards a product idea by using qualitative and quantitative methods. It is an integral part of your product development cycle, enabling you to predict the success of your product and minimize the risks of a product failure. Be sure how your product is going to be received when you launch it.

Redefine your ideas and reinvent your product based on customer response. Concept testing is a great way to propose an idea to the crowd. By testing competing ideas, you will know why your customers prefer one iteration over the other. You could also use focus groups to research reactions within specific niches.

Research Panels

Sometimes, you need more answers than your contacts can give you. To reach more respondents you could consider using a research panel. They are groups of verified people, with varied cultural, demographics and geographic backgrounds, who would be willing to be part of your research.

Zoho Survey's Buy Responses feature helps you pick a panel based on demographic, economic, and geographic attributes, and quickly collect responses for your research.

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Effective Concept Testing with Zoho Surveys
Zoho Survey has survey templates to suit all requirements, including logos, messaging, ads, and campaigns. Choose from our collection of survey templates to develop your product with confidence. Run a product development survey and a concept testing survey to gather the information you need to launch a successful product. Below are features to help you with your concept testing.
Logic and personalization

Personalize your surveys and get focused responses.

Response collection

With varied ways to collect responses, listen to your customers anytime, anywhere.

Real-time reports

With the best-in-class reporting tools, you can collect your customer responses in real-time.