Reports for your surveys are easy to understand and come with features that make analysis a breeze, because not only you get data but also insights. View responses on aggregate or create filters and crosstabs for in-depth analysis.

  • View Responses

    View responses as they are collected in a summary or view each individual responses for answer details and survey completion time.

  • More charts; better analysis

    Forget about verbal information. Reports are represented visually as charts so you can see patterns, trends and problem areas to approach topics objectively. More than 7 types of charts like stacked bar, column, group column and more. Make your analysis by viewing reports in the chart form of your choice.

  • Create custom reports

    Need a collaborative decision? Allow domain experts to access specific data. Customizing reports is a great way to ensure collaborators see only that data which is relevant to their expertise.

  • Crosstabulate

    Two different questions may be crosstabulated to measure the interaction between the variables. Using various crosstab combinations, you can easily detect areas that are indicative of the significant relationship between the two selected data.

  • Create filters

    Go deeper to analyze your data using filters. They are reusable and help you focus in on your survey results. With filters, your entire responses are broken down to help you identify and make an analysis from subsets of data.

  • Export in various formats

    Reports can be downloaded in spreadsheet, CSV and PDF formats and viewed on Zoho Sheet. You can also export survey results to Google Drive.

  • Google Apps Integration

    Zoho Survey is integrated with Google Apps. You can export reports to Google Drive in various formats to access all your data on Google spreadsheet.