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Top social media trends in 2021 for businesses

We saw the biggest upheaval on how we communicate and use social media in 2020. Social media became the way to stay in touch with the outside world in lockdown. 

This way, last year made an impact on how marketing works, especially when it comes to social media marketing. We saw people hang out online; with live videos, TikTok and Instagram Reels became big, and everyone met on Zoom Meetings. 

These changes will shape social media marketing for the upcoming year, and here are a few of our top predictions for the biggest social media trends in 2021-

Social Commerce

Shopify is a boon for small businesses.

Social commerce has been one of the biggest break outs of 2020. Moving from online commerce companies have now started to list their products directly on social media pages. Another thing to notice is how people have embraced sustainability. There are a lot of small businesses and thrift stores coming up on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook marketplace has also started accommodating businesses. An interesting tool to look out for is Shopify, which has gained popularity for integrating online commerce with social media.

Live Streaming

Going Liveis certainly a way of life.

Hosting live videos on social channels is now just ubiquitous with people all over. Consequently, owing to faster internet speeds and people spending more time on social media. There exists a live stream for everything and everybody. Streaming platforms such as Twitch has gained immense popularity over the years. This shows how much time netizens are ready to invest in for streaming long-duration content online.

Fans connect with favourite celebrities with Instagram live, which has married interactive and live content, and brought them to the mainstream.

We saw interviews, concerts, gaming, speeches, all from the comfort of our homes last year and there’s only more to come in 2021.

Ephemeral content/Stories

Stories are the easiest and most interactive way to stay relevant.

This one comes as no-brainer. Social media platforms are now far more focused on ephemeral content. Moreover, stories are widely popular amongst mobile users. The key to posting stories is to keep them regular but spamming your audience’s feed will only result in quick unfollows. Keep stories for 2021 interesting and catchy.

Video Content

TikToks and Reels arent going anywhere.

With higher internet usage and accessibility, video content is on the rise. TikTok saw the heaviest growth, taking an edge over other forms of social media content. Incorporating these (if they fit your brand image) in your social media marketing will be a huge boost. Additionally, this also goes hand in hand with influencer marketing. Influencers can help for TikTok and Instagram reach. If your target audience uses Twitter and Facebook, slightly longer informational videos can go up on these platforms. If you cater to a young audience, millennials and Gen Z, video content is your holy grail.

Indeed, the past year has been quite a ride, but good things are yet to come, we believe that 2021 is looking up. What are your predictions for social media trends for 2021? Tweet to us at @ZohoSocial. Let us know what you thing about this article in the comment section below.

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