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Instagram Verification: Everything you need to know

  • Last Updated : August 17, 2023
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You might have noticed a blue and white tick mark against a bunch of profiles on Instagram. This is the “verified” badge. Instagram followed Twitter, Facebook, and what was once Google+, to introduce this feature on their platform in 2014. The badge is Instagram’s way of letting people know that it has confirmed that the profile indeed belongs to the person or brand it claims to be.

Who can apply for being Instagram verified?

Instagram says that if you are a unique and authentic public figure or entity, and have an active profile on the platform, you can apply for the badge. Your profile will also need to be as complete as possible, with your brand’s name, a relevant bio, and a link to your website featuring on your profile.

What are the advantages of a verification badge on Instagram?

The blue tick shows that you’re the real deal. It prevents others from impersonating you or your brand and makes it easier to remove any fake profiles that come up. Additionally, the verified badge means that you get listed on the top when being searched for, while also making your profile a priority on the explore section. This ensures that any new followers end up on your profile, helping you grow your follower count faster and more easily. Apart from all of this, Instagram also rolls out beta features for verified accounts first. All of this translates into an incredible engagement rate for your profile.

How do I get the blue tick on Instagram?

  • Log into your Instagram account on the mobile app. In case you have multiple accounts, make sure you’re logged into the one you want to request the verification badge for.
  • Go to Settings, click on Account, and select Request Verification.
  • Provide your complete legal name. In case you’re a brand or an artiste with an alias instead, mention that in the “Known As” field.
  • Pick a category for your profile from the nine provided options.
  • Submit a copy of your government-issued document that clearly shows your name and date of birth. If it’s an individual profile, this can be a copy of your passport, driver’s license, or a government-issued ID. If you’re trying to get a brand’s profile verified, a copy of a recent utility bill, your article of incorporation, or a tax filing would do.
  • Once you’re done, hit send.

How long does it take to get verified on Instagram?

Once you’ve requested it, it takes anywhere between a couple of days and an entire week for Instagram to let you know if you’re profile has been approved for verification.

What do I do after requesting verification?

In case you get the blue tick for your profile, yay! Congrats! Secondly, keep a constant check on Instagram’s policies, and terms of use and service so you don’t even accidentally violate them. Otherwise, Instagram reserves the right to remove your verified badge.

If you don’t get verified, you can always request again after a period of 30 days. At the same time, try to establish the same authenticity that comes with a blue tick, on your own. Post behind the scenes stories, link your Instagram account and bring in followers from other social media channels, and frequently engage with your followers.

What increases my chances of being verified?

Apart from an active and complete profile, Instagram checks usually involve checking for the “public figure or entity” part. It usually helps to have been featured in the news, and in multiple online spaces such as blogs or videos to substantiate your popularity and relevance.

If you found this blog helpful, or if there’s anything we might have missed out on let us know in the comments section.


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