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Check out our legality guide to know the legal status of digital signatures in you country/region.

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Are digital signatures secure?

Are digital signatures secure?

Digital signatures are absolutely safe and secure. Digital signatures function using a cryptographic technique called public key infrastructure (PKI). When a document is digitally signed, a unique private key is encrypted into the document as a digital signature. The signer sends the encrypted document to the recipient, along with a public key. If the keys match, the file can be decrypted.

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  • Zoho Sign uses public key infrastructure using AES-256 encryption.
  • In transit, documents comply with TSL/SSL protocols.
  • Data in our servers is encrypted and cannot be read plainly, even by employees.

Compliance and certifications

Zoho Sign strictly complies with regional and international data privacy and security regulations, such as:



Zoho Sign's digital signatures abide by national legal guidelines, such as the ESIGN Act in the USA, PIPEDA in Canada, eIDAS in the European Union, and the ITA in India. Check out our legality guide to verify the status of digital signatures in your country.



Users can opt for signer identity verification, choosing from a range of methods, such as:

  • Regional or national government IDs like Aadhaar, eID, and Singpass
  • Email OTP
  • Offline code
  • Dynamic knowledge-based authentication

Audit trails

Zoho Sign allows for document timestamping, which establishes an audit trail that tracks the exact sign time, location, and other signer details. You can also enable blockchain timestamping or long-time validation to ensure that the document validity is accessible on a public blockchain and is verifiable over a longer period of time.

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FAQs on digital signatures

  • Are digital signatures legally valid?

    Yes, digital signatures are legally valid in most countries. You can verify the legality status of digital signatures in your region here.

  • How can Zoho Sign help in digital signing?

    Zoho Sign is a user-friendly, legally accepted, and secure digital signature tool. With Zoho Sign, you can securely sign documents online, collect signatures from recipients, manage signing workflows, recall signature requests, track documents, and store them securely on your devices or in the cloud. Zoho Sign can be used on the go via the native mobile and desktop apps available on all popular operating systems. Learn more about our features and benefits here.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    We do! You can try all Zoho Sign features with our free 14-day Enterprise trial.

  • Does Zoho Sign offer AES and QES?

    Yes, Zoho Sign offers both advanced electronic signatures (AES) and qualified electronic signatures (QES).

    AES are digital signatures authenticate the signer's identity through a government-issued ID or entering a unique identity verification code, amongst many other methods. Zoho Sign integrates with regional and national IDs, such as e-Aadhaar and Singpass, and trust service providers (TSP) like TrustFactory.

    QES are advanced electronic signatures that require the digital signature certificate to be issued by a qualified trust service provider (QTSP) with a qualified signature creation device (QSCD). QES is the only type of digital signature that is considered legally acceptable in the European Union. Zoho Sign can be integrated with QTSPs like itsme, Swisscom, Uanataca, and InfoCert, and also with regional IDs like the European Union eID.

  • Does Zoho Sign offer a free plan?

    Yes, Zoho Sign offers a free plan with which you can send up to five documents, establish audit trails, and more. Learn more about our plans and features on our pricing page.

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