Zobot Platforms​

Where can I build a chatbot?

Chatbots can be built on various platforms and integrated with various services. Currently, SalesIQ supports seven major platforms to build your bot assistant. 

SalesIQ platforms

SalesIQ offers three native bot-building platforms - Codeless bot builder, SalesIQ script bot builder (Deluge), and Zia skills.

Codeles bot builder 

The codeless bot is one of Zoho SalesIQ's platforms for building conversational chatbots. This is a code-free platform that creates rule-based chatbots without writing a single line of code and manages conversations like a flowchart. In this platform, the bot is built by just dragging and dropping blocks (elements in codeless bot) such as name, email, calendar, location, forward, etc., to collect pieces of information needed from the visitor, make smart conversations, send personalized messages/email, and perform actions based on the business needs. 

SalesIQ scripts

SalesIQ Scripts is a bot-building platform that uses Deluge or Data Enriched Language for Universal Grid Environment as its online scripting language. Deluge is deemed to be robust and easy to use because of its user-friendly syntax. The deluge script builder offers a drag-drop user interface, thus leaving out the task of remembering deluge syntax and functions for the user.

Zia Skills

Zia is a conversational bot-building assistant. Zia Skills platform uses natural language understanding to process and performs your defined skills and action, to respond to visitor queries. With Zia’s Developer Console, you can define a unique set of actions depending on your requirements. With Zia, you can directly answer a question, construct an answer by fetching data from SalesIQ, and perform an operation dynamically based on the visitor.

Third-party platforms

SalesIQ offers four third-party integrated bot-building platforms - Dialogflow, Watson Assistant, Microsoft Azure, and Webhooks. 


Dialogflow is an end-to-end development suite for building conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, and messaging platforms. It can be used to build chatbots, voice assistants, etc, especially relevant that are capable of having natural and rich interactions with the users. It is also powered by machine learning to recognize the intent and context of what a user says, allowing a conversational interface to provide highly efficient and accurate responses. You can create various bot agents to assist your visitors and integrate them with Zoho SalesIQ.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud computing services that can help you build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your preferred tools and frameworks through Microsoft-managed data centers.

IBM Watson

Watson assistant powered by IBM helps you to build a powerful bot assistant for your website. You can customize the Watson Assistant according to your website business needs, and deploy it across multiple channels to bring help to your customers where and when they need it.


Webhooks are useful and an easy way to implement event reactions. Webhooks provide a mechanism whereby a server-side application can notify a client-side application when a new event (that the client-side application might be interested in) has occurred on the server. ​

Vendor platforms - Haptic

Where can I deploy the chatbot?


The chatbot built from the above platforms can be deployed on the website, mobile SDK, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and LINE. 

This way, you can build one Zobot and deploy it across all the channels as needed, ultimately freeing up your operators' time to focus on more complex issues.