Zia Skills Platform

Zia is a conversational bot building assistant. Zia skills platform uses the natural language understanding to process and perform your defined skills and actions, to respond to the visitor queries. With Zia’s Developer Console, you can define unique set of actions depending on your requirements. With Zia you can directly answer a question, Construct an answer by fetching data from SalesIQ and Perform an operation dynamically based on the visitor.

Benefits of using Zia Skills in Zoho SalesIQ

  • Serverless bot building platform. With Zia skills platform, you don't have to shell extra amounts for building and maintaining the servers. We offer configuration and coding in the platform. 
  • The platform developer can levy the extra burden of writing code to define each context for actions, on building actions and defining the set of contexts. The Zia skills platform can manage to execute without any coding. 
  • Also, a single action has the ability to handle multiple conversations.
  • Zia skills platform also offers production and development mode for you to script and save.
  • You can create bots that can just answer the question or perform an operation for the queries from the visitors.
  • Zia skills platform is easily configurable. Once your SalesIQ account is integrated with Zia, the bots you have created in the platforms will be listed in the SalesIQ bots dashboard. You can map the bots to your website chats, can even set trigger messages and your bot is all set to assist your website visitors.
  • Initiate SalesIQ platform input/display cards for inputs and show output to the visitors. You can configure your bot to respond using buttons, auto-pick, sliders, images, and links. Using buttons allows users to interact with your bot in a way that standardizes a conversation using the cards given by Zoho SalesIQ.
    Note: Zobot doesn't support the Zia Platform Cards.
  • SalesIQ supports dynamic text in the Zia Skills responses, you can use the dynamic text in trigger messages and chat responses.

You can integrate Zia Skills with SalesIQ bot in a few steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Zobot > Add Bot, provide your assistant a Name.
  2. Provide a Description.
  3. Choose a website from the drop-down.
  4. Choose Departments for your bot to assist.
  5. Choose the Visitor Type, the visitors to whom you want the bot to interact with. 

  1. Then, choose when to Trigger your website Visitor, ​you can initiate the trigger:
    • When the visitor lands on your site
    • When the visitor clicks on the widget
    • When the visitor performs a custom action
    • None
  2. You can define the Working Hours for your bot. The options available are:
    • 24/7 - Round the clock
    • During standard business hours
    • During non-business hours
    • When operators are offline during business hours
  3. You choose to show the Bot Typing Status to the visitors, to create a human-like conversation process.
  4. You can Allow your bot to Handoff the chat to a human operator.

  1. Choose Zia Skills in the Which platform would you like to use to develop your bot? section.