Expanding from LATAM to Europe: Borner Corp envisions their future with Zoho SalesIQ

"Many of our customers and shareholders wouldn't be with us if we didn't have SalesIQ. It helped us gain trust from our customers, and we cannot put a price on that contribution."

- Jorge Gonzalez, CFO, Borner Corporation

About Borner Corporation

An auditing firm, Borner, has been in operation for five decades and has a presence throughout Latin America (LATAM). Borner helps clients with various challenges in account outsourcing, legal structures, taxation, and auditing.

The challenge - The need for a centralized communication tool

As Borner grew, so did its LATAM customer base. Their clients started communicating with them across multiple channels, such as phone calls, online chats, and email. Since auditing and taxation are time critical, clients expect quick answers and fast resolutions.

This created a need for a centralized tool to make Borner's communication with their clients easy, and from a single dashboard, so they wouldn't have to jump between channels to help their customers.

The solution

Jorge Gonzalez, the CFO of Borner Corporation, came across Zoho Mail through one of his friends. As he started exploring more products, Zoho SalesIQ came across his radar. He understood the potential of SalesIQ when he saw he could communicate with stakeholders from a single dashboard instead of switching applications.

He also realized that features like visitor insights and live chat could be a game changer for Borner in terms of their marketing and support.

Implementation of SalesIQ was very easy. You can simply copy and paste it into your website, and you get to see the visitor insights instantly and in-live.

- Jorge Gonzalez, CFO, Borner Corporation

Planning their future with Zoho SalesIQ

Borner used SalesIQ for their business school, Bento. SalesIQ helped them easily communicate with visitors and interested people via the live chat, and also helped them track their leads across their website's different pages.

Borner has an ambitious plan to expand its operations from LATAM to Europe, and they're looking forward to employing SalesIQ in their upcoming projects.

"Zoho SalesIQ is very valuable for our agents, which is why we want to expand SalesIQ to all our other projects."

- Jorge Gonzalez, CFO, Borner Corporation

Expanding their operations would require their agents to communicate with clients speaking multiple languages. Borner is excited to use SalesIQ's translation tool to bridge the communication gap and serve their customers effectively.

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