Global Call Forwarding serves businesses in more than 160 countries with Zoho SalesIQ

About Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding, a subsidiary of the telecommunication giant United World Telecom, is a cloud phone service that provides local and international toll-free numbers to businesses and enterprises in more than 160 countries. They enable companies to purchase reliable virtual numbers to receive and make high-quality international calls without commitment.


Global Call Forwarding isn't new to the world of live chat software. When talking about the challenges, Luke Genoyer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Global Call Forwarding, said, "Prior to Zoho SalesIQ, we were using an obsolete live chat tool. The chat widget looked very dated, was not customizable, and was not mobile-friendly at all. The appearance of the widget and chat window was an eyesore, especially as we had been making changes to make the front end of our website appear more modern. But more importantly, the live chat was missing a lot of key features and functionality."

He listed a few more issues they encountered with their previous live chat tool:

  • They weren’t able to monitor website traffic or proactively engage website visitors. They also didn’t have access to detailed reporting about agent activity or customer feedback.
  • They had to host the tool on their own servers, which meant that agents had to connect to their network to log in.
  • On top of that, it was impossible to contact the service provider for customer support.

How did Global Call Forwarding come across Zoho SalesIQ?

"We have been using Zoho CRM since early 2020. It accomplishes everything we need from a CRM and is very affordable, considering its reliability, speed, and all the available features. When the time came to search for a new live chat tool, we considered Zoho SalesIQ right away. "

- Luke Genoyer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Global Call Forwarding

The solution

Talking about how SalesIQ has helped them solve their challenges, Luke said, "We were able to implement a more modern live chat tool with better features and reporting."

They realized SalesIQ is more reliable than their previous tool, much more visibly appealing, and provided their management with better insights.

It has also helped their marketing department. They could see which high-intent pages prospects were visiting as well as the pages their leads visited prior to engaging with sales via chat. It helped them get a clear understanding of their most effective website funnels and customer progressions.

"The onboarding and implementation process of Zoho SalesIQ was very smooth. We were able to sign up, customize the tool, and install it on our website in less than a day. The chat interface is intuitive, and the implementation was very timely. Our chat support agents also quickly and easily grasped SalesIQ."

- Luke Genoyer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Global Call Forwarding.

Luke rated SalesIQ's support team highly and said they're very happy with the support's overall response. He said, "In the few times that we have raised support queries, they have been dealt with quickly. The additional follow-up from Zoho support after issues have been resolved has been remarkable. After a minor issue was resolved, the support team checked in with us several times to see if we were still facing trouble and if there was anything else they could help with.

Global Call Forwarding building a future together with Zoho

Talking about their future plans with Zoho, Luke said, "We’ve been very happy with Zoho’s Cloud Software Suite (CRM and SalesIQ). When it comes time to upgrade our in-house ticketing system, we will consider using Zoho Desk. We’re also in the process of building a cloud telephony integration through Zoho’s PhoneBridge Partnership program."