BreadPartners achieves exceptional engagement with a lean team using Zoho SalesIQ

"If you're looking at SalesIQ as a potential engagement solution for your business, I'd say it's well worth considering, especially when integrated within the Zoho ecosystem. At BreadPartners, while SalesIQ wasn’t our first Zoho product, it has rapidly become one of our favorites. I'd certainly recommend SalesIQ to any business looking to transform their engagement game and gain a competitive edge."

- Michael Robinson, Senior Marketing and Sales Manager, BreadPartners Inc

About BreadPartners

A family-owned ingredient manufacturer, BreadPartners specializes in producing bread and cake mixes, bases, and improvers designed to ensure ease of use for a broad spectrum of bakeries across North America. Their unique position lies in the ability to offer custom-tailored solutions and flexibility, usually accessible to multinational industrial bakeries to medium and large-scale bakeries utilizing conventional and clean-label technologies.

Challenge faced: Maximize the utility of web analytics

Their primary motivation in looking for an engagement solution like Zoho SalesIQ was to simplify and maximize the utility of their web analytics capabilities to get clear, actionable insights on their operations and marketing strategies.

Already leveraging various Zoho products, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Expense, and Zoho Social, BreadPartners added SalesIQ to their tech stack and started seeing better results.

"Unlike the more complex data presented by platforms like Google Analytics, SalesIQ offered us a user-friendly, turn-key solution for real-time web traffic monitoring and granular analysis of our marketing campaigns. This allowed us to identify high-performing pages and understand visitor behavior quickly."

- Michael Robinson

Pleasantly caught off-guard by SalesIQ's additional benefits

After getting SalesIQ, they learned about Zobot, SalesIQ's zero-code bot builder, which helped them significantly advance their engagement capabilities.

DoughBot 2.0

BreadPartners have built a custom bot, DoughBot 2.0, using SalesIQ's intuitive no-code platform. Conceived as a simple decision tree, it has evolved into a sophisticated network of responses over time, greatly aiding their customer engagement strategy.

To engage visitors proactively, DoughBot is triggered for all new website visitors after a 3-second delay, with this interaction refreshing once daily. This approach has proven non-intrusive, as evidenced by their decreased bounce rate and increased engagement metrics.

breadpartners with salesiq

Integration with ChatGPT

In addition to the codeless setup, they've integrated a third-party platform powered by GPT-4 for more contextual and complex inquiries. This custom plug connects DoughBot to a GPT-4 powered database, allowing it to handle a wide range of queries beyond DoughBot's initial decision tree capabilities.

DoughBot is configured to manage requests for samples and documentation, employment opportunities, and scheduling consultations with BreadPartners Specialists. For inquiries that fall outside these predefined categories, DoughBot defaults to the custom GPT integration. This setup ensures that DoughBot can direct users to the appropriate resources or escalate to a live specialist when necessary, maintaining high flexibility and customer service.

Doughbot is also helping BreadPartners attend to their visitors' queries quicker with low response time and resolve them faster with high CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores.

The implementation of DoughBot, along with its continuous evolution and integration with advanced AI capabilities, has significantly enhanced its support team's efficiency and overall customer engagement strategy.

How extensively BreadPartners use SalesIQ

At BreadPartners, SalesIQ has been incorporated into their daily operations. This has significantly streamlined their engagement with customers and prospects, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness across the marketing, sales, and customer support teams.

Collaboration between marketing and sales

Their marketing and sales teams work closely, using SalesIQ to monitor web traffic in real time. This collaboration ensures that they're proactive in engaging with potential leads.

One of SalesIQ's features, lead scoring, has become pivotal for their marketing and sales teams, providing insights on visitor engagement levels so they can prioritize their engagement efforts effectively.

Efficiency of their sales team

BreadPartners' sales team leverages SalesIQ's integration with Zoho Bookings to streamline the consultation scheduling process. This integration allows visitors to book a consultation directly with the specialists at their convenience. This system syncs with their teams' calendars, ensuring accurate availability and eliminating scheduling conflicts.

Analyzing performance

To keep key personnel informed, weekly reports are generated in SalesIQ to provide a comprehensive overview of chat performance, web traffic, and other critical metrics. These reports are crucial for offering a high-level overview of visitor metrics and the overall health and performance of the website and other marketing channels. This regular insight into customer engagement activities helps them continuously refine their strategies and improve overall performance.

Streamlining quality assurance

The integration of SalesIQ has also enhanced the efficiency of their quality assurance team. Email requests for documentation and samples are now directly forwarded, which streamlines the process significantly. Such requests were previously buried in the generic contact us box and required manual delegation; they are now automatically routed to the appropriate department, ensuring faster response times and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Handling employment inquiries

With SalesIQ, they've streamlined the application and recruitment process significantly. DoughBot is equipped to handle employment inquiries by providing a direct link to their application PDF and accepting resumes, CVs, and completed applications.

"Through these practices, Zoho SalesIQ has become an indispensable tool for BreadPartners, enabling our lean yet efficient team to maintain a high level of service and engagement with our customers."

- Michael Robinson

How SalesIQ has transformed the way BreadPartners operate

Improved trackability: Before integrating SalesIQ, visitor queries were typically fielded through phone calls or the Contact Us page. It was challenging to track high-quality inquiries effectively. With the adoption of SalesIQ, they've seen a substantial improvement in the quality and trackability of their inquiries.

Improved visibility: The response time has been significantly reduced since using SalesIQ. The ability to share documentation directly within the chat when escalated to live agents has greatly enhanced their efficiency in processing requests. The team members now have immediate visibility of queries, which has been instrumental in providing timely and effective responses. This improved visibility has eliminated the need for central delegation and allowed them to address customer needs more directly.

SalesIQ's mobile app: Equipped with SalesIQ's mobile app on their smartphones, their team is always ready to engage with website visitors. This readiness allows for seamless handoffs from DoughBot to human agents, making each chat a potential lead or sales opportunity. This approach has transformed the app into an extension of their traditional communication channels, akin to receiving an incoming phone call.

"Our teams can now engage with queries more strategically, ensuring that those who need to see the requests do so without delay. This has not only streamlined our internal processes but also positively impacted our customer satisfaction levels.

"The value SalesIQ has added is evident in the enhanced quality of interactions and the efficiency gains across the board. Without a doubt, SalesIQ has contributed to a more effective customer support model at BreadPartners."

- Michael Robinson

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