Marketing Analytics

Effective Marketing identifies opportunities, competitive differentiation, comes up with the right positioning & value proposition and efficiently generates demand through effective campaign management. Analytics is an essential tool in the hands of marketers to achieve effectiveness in all facets of marketing activities.

Zoho Reports with its on-demand & collaborative business intelligence capabilities, can be a perfect fit in the hands of marketers. It would enable them to easily analyze their business information, create a strategy based on the analysis, conceptualize & execute their marketing campaigns, measure the outcome and respond.

With Zoho Reports you can

You can upload/push the necessary marketing data from your spreadsheets or applications into Zoho Reports and perform any of the above said marketing analysis and much more. Zoho Reports with its powerful & easy to use visual analysis capabilities, combined with collaborative features, helps you & your team to easily come up with any type of report/analysis independently, with no help from your IT guy.

You can also use Zoho Reports to design a marketing reporting database, that allow your marketers to enter or upload data directly and do the necessary analysis in a collaborative environment. With an easy to adopt 'Spreadsheet-like' interface, Zoho Reports enables you do easily handle data addition and report creation. This may even remove the need for spreadsheets and other applications which are essentially used for data collection and analysis.

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