Zoho Recruit API - getRecords


You can use the getRecords method to fetch all users data specified in the API request.

Request URL to getRecords:

XML: Token&scope=recruitapi

JSON: Token&scope=recruitapi

Note: Replace Module with any one of this JobOpenings, Candidates, Clients, ClientContacts.

Request Parameters:

Parameter Type Description
authtoken* String Encrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials. 
scope* String Specify the value as recruitapi
fromIndex Integer Default value is 1.
toIndex Integer Default value is 20.
Maximum value allowed is 200.
sortColumnString String If you use the sortColumnString parameter, by default data is sorted in ascending order. Provide the field name as the value. Example: Posting title / First Name
sortOrderString String Default value is asc if you want to sort in descending order, then you have to pass sortOrderString=desc.
searchCondition String (Created By|=|username)
selectColumns String Send the column values separated by comma.

* - Mandatory parameter

Regular Expressions

You can specify the following expressions in API request: 

is OR =

isn't OR <>


starts with(srcString*)

ends with(*srcString)

doesn't contain

< OR is before

> OR is after



For Job Openings, It is not possible to filter only the Published Jobs through the Get Records API.
Please get in touch with for more information.