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Let’s take a look at some actions that can be performed within an expense in Zoho Invoice.

Attaching Receipts

Instantly corroborate an expense you record by attaching a picture of the corresponding expense receipt to it.

This can be done both while recording a new expense or by opening an already existing expense and clicking on Attach Receipt. Simply snap a picture of the expense receipt you receive and upload the image. This receipt can be viewed within the corresponding expense and serves as document evidence of the incurred expense, a handy feature for when you’re getting your expense reimbursed.

Attach receipt

Editing Expense

To edit an expense, click on the pencil icon in the top left corner as highlighted in the image below

Expense settings

Now, you go ahead and modify the expense details as required before saving the changes. The expense is edited accordingly.

Expense settings

Cloning and Deleting Expenses

Expense settings

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