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Creating a New Retainer Invoice

Navigate to the Sales tab and click on the + icon present next to the Retainer Invoices or the + New button placed on top right corner of the Retainer Invoices tab to create a new retainer invoice.

New Retainer Invoice

A new retainer invoice form will open, where you can enter the details for creating a new invoice.

Customer Details

Customer details

Fields Description
Customer Name This field should contain the name of the customer from whom you wish to collect a retainer. Either pick customers from the list you have already created or you can add a new customer by selecting the New Customer option.
Retainer Invoice number An invoice number is an unique ID for the invoices created. This field generates an invoice number by default.

Click on the Settings icon next to the field and a pop up will appear where you can choose to auto-generate the invoice numbers or manually add the invoice number each time you create an invoice.
Reference You can enter a reference for the retainer being created. This will be displayed in the retainer invoice.
Retainer Invoice Date Date on which the retainer invoice is generated.

Item Details

Item details

Details of the item or service for which the retainer is being captured can be typed in the Item Details field with the Amount to be collected as retainer.

Payment Options, Terms & Conditions, Templates

Payment Options, Terms & conditions

Fields Description
Customer Notes Enter notes relating to the retainer invoice which will be displayed on the invoice when sent to the customer.
Payment Options Select the payment option that should be used for charging the customer or for the customer to make payment for the retainer invoice.

Click on Select Payment Modes to configure payment gateways directly from the invoice.
Terms & Conditions Customize the terms & conditions section that will be displayed on the invoice. You can also customize the terms & conditions by navigating to Settings > More Settings > Preferences > Retainer Invoices and fill in the Terms & Conditions box.
Template You can also change the Template of the invoice, by clicking on Change and select another template you create.
You can create and edit templates from Settings > More Settings > Templates and selecting templates under Retainer Invoices.

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