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What is project collaboration?

Collaboration in project management involves individuals in a team sharing their expertise, skills, and knowledge to achieve common goals. Involving all stakeholders, especially clients, during the planning phase is crucial in preventing any scope creep or changes at later stages of the project.

Key features of project collaboration software

Key features of project management collaboration software

  • Collaborating with teams and clients with instant messaging
  • Scheduling virtual audio or video meetings
  • Shared team calendars for keeping track of meeting and events
  • Social media like Feeds to stay updated about all the project activities
  • Forums where project members can ideate and discuss important topics
  • Team folders to synchronise and manage all project documentation
  • Internal wiki that can act as a repository of important information and processes

Things to look for in a project collaboration tool

There are several important factors to look for in a project management collaboration tool. These are make or break features that ensure complete project collaboration is enabled for your team. Zoho Projects is a comprehensive tool that has all of these features. Let's check them out:

Stream of latest activities

Project Feed that facilitates online project collaboration by giving you a quick overview of the latest activities happening in your project. Learn More.

Things to look for in a project collaboration tool

Discuss in project forums

Forums are interactive message boards where one can post a topic and let ideas flow back and forth. Any group project involves discussions, unlike emails, all topics are available at a central location. Learn More.

Discuss in Project Forums

Create intranet in project wiki

The Pages module in Zoho Projects offers an integrated wiki interface for your projects where you can create, share and organize your pages. Learn More.

Create intranet in Project Wiki

Chat with your project team

The chat rooms in our free project collaboration tool allow everyone on the project to quickly come together to discuss important topics and make decisions faster. Learn More.

Chat with your project team

Shared project calendar

Calendar gives you the power to revolutionize the way your project team works. In addition, you can gather notes, post links all in one place. Learn More.

Shared project calendar

Schedule team events

Schedule team events, gather notes, post slides and manage all important meetings of a project from a single place. Learn More.

Schedule Team Events

What are project collaboration tools?

Project collaboration tools refer to software with features designed to enable effective communication and collaboration among project managers, team members, and other stakeholders. Collaboration can take different forms depending on the team's preferences, ranging from face-to-face meetings and instant messaging to regular status updates. Project management collaboration tools typically cater to some or all of these needs to facilitate smooth project execution.

Why do project teams need collaborative project management software?

Project teams need collaborative project management software to facilitate open communication between project managers, team members, and all other stakeholders involved in the project. Collaborative project management software allows teams to work together and achieve common business goals by providing features like email, document sharing, group calendar, team collaboration, and real-time collaboration

  • Ensure timely completion of projects
  • Streamline information retrieval process
  • Facilitate teamwork and alignment towards shared business objectives
  • Promote transparency and keep stakeholders updated on critical decisions
  • Monitor individual and team progress effectively

To fulfill these requirements, collaborative project management software should include essential features such as email integration, document sharing, group calendars, team collaboration tools (e.g. calendars and meetings), and real-time collaboration tools (e.g. streams, chats, and forums).

Project collaboration software

Benefits of project collaboration software

  • Collaborate with teams, create workspaces, and track progress efficiently
  • Use project forums to escalate critical issues and get immediate solutions from experts in the team
  • Project management and collaboration are interdependent; simplify decision-making through group chat to eliminate excessive email communication
  • Empower individuals to come together and unlock their group's potential with the best project collaboration tool
  • Facilitate communication and enhance knowledge sharing among team members to achieve project goals
  • Integrate all work elements to deliver quality projects to clients at reduced costs

How does Zoho Projects stand as the best project collaboration software?

Zoho Projects provides the exact set of project collaboration tools which helps the team members involved in the project to come together, plan, collaborate and get work done faster. It helps you to create a project workspace to increase productivity, reduce costs and drastically improve collaborative efforts across geographically separated teams. It’s one of the best project collaboration software because of its

  • Get projects done on time
  • Quickly find any information they need
  • Communicate and work together to achieve common business goals
  • Keep all stakeholders informed about important decisions
  • Track individual and team work to analyze progress

In order to fulfil these requirements, a project management collaboration tools have core elements like email, document sharing, group calendar, team collaboration (Calendar, Meetings) and real-time collaboration (Stream, Chat, Forums).