Time is on your side with Global Timers

Zoho Projects | December 15, 2015 | 2 min read

I recently had the pleasure of meeting NASA Project Manager Jan Chodas at a conference we both attended. Chodas worked on NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter; a project with a non-negotiable launch date. If the deadline was missed, Chodas and her team would have to wait close to a year before trying again.

Of course, not every project has this strict a deadline, but most projects have a schedule that individuals and teams have to be in tune with in order to be successful. And now, Zoho Projects can help you and your team stay on track from start to finish.


We have built several features to help you complete tasks on time; from setting due dates to sub-tasks to elaborate SLAs featuring four levels of escalations.

Many teams also use timers to stay on track throughout the duration of a project. If you are unfamiliar with this feature, timers help you measure how much time you spend working on each of your tasks. This is particularly useful if your client bills you hourly. The timer count is automatically logged in the timesheet module so you can generate invoices with Zoho’s finance applications.

What if you wanted to see the timers corresponding to all your tasks in one place? We’ve added a new Global Timer button just for this. This feature shows you all the running timers in one view. You can stop any of them from here.  You can even search for tasks and start the timers for them.

Admins have even more access. They can see everyone’s timers, not just their own. And if they find someone has forgotten to turn them off, they can notify the individual by pushing a button here. You can learn more about this here.

 We are excited for you to check out these features in Zoho Projects.



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  1. manirul shaikh

    very nice

  2. Aatmn

    Excited! Thank you for ongoing upgrades. This makes my feel upbeat.

  3. Rus

    Sounds good and we’d like to use this.
    Is the Global timer widget an upgrade? We can’t see it.