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Zoho Projects | August 30, 2016 | 2 min read

The best way to chat while working in Zoho Projects is the Zoho Chat plug-in. However,  if your organization already uses Slack for internal communication, there’s now a convenient way to make sure your projects don’t slack. We are happy to announce that Zoho Projects now integrates with the popular chat application, Slack.


This integration brings these apps together in two ways. First, it lets you map a project in Zoho to a channel in Slack. Zoho Projects will automatically send notifications like ‘Task Completed’ and ‘Bug Added’ to your Slack channel.


Second, it lets you perform project actions  within Slack using slash commands. For example, if you’re working on a ‘renovate office’ project and want to create a task called ‘polish furniture’, simply type the below command in your Slack window.

/zprojects +t polish furniture ~renovate office

Type the below line to see a full list of such commands.

/zprojects -h 

By receiving  updates on chat, you can reduce the number of  email notifications. Additionally, a dedicated chat channel for a crucial project can help managers keep track of updates more closely. To learn how to set up and work with this integration, click here.

It’s important to remember that chats can be intrusive. Before configuring a notification to be sent to a channel, consider whether or not everyone included in the chat  needs to be informed of this update.

You can control what updates you want to receive in the email notifications tab under settings. You can also choose to receive daily, weekly, or monthly digest emails of any pending activities. Admins can also receive periodic mails that list unassigned activities across all projects.

Finding the right balance between email and chat notifications will help you stay updated on all of your projects without being disturbed.

Check out the new Slack integration inside Zoho Projects today!

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  1. Astrid Gigdem

    nice! love it <3!

    • Hari Narayanan

      Thanks Astrid!

  2. Arcilla

    How do I create a dependant task?


    That’s really helpful while Managing more than one Projects simultaneously.

  4. Craig Hedley

    That’s great… but how about fixing or making all the product change requests that you have been promising for up to 4 years?