Does yesterday's writeup seem better than today's version? Zoho Docs to the rescue.

Version Control

It’s 10:55 in the morning and you have a problem. You’re meeting a big client in five minutes and you’re having trouble finding the file you need to help close the deal.

You’ve combed through your desktop and every folder you can think of. Finally you come across two files right next to each other: “Presentation_Final” and “Presentation_Latest”.

Panic sets in. Your heart begins to beat faster as your team starts making its way into the conference room. Which of these two was the final version with the newest edits?

We’ve all been here before, and it’s not fun. Sometimes you need to work with two versions of the same document, and when you do, it would be so much easier to manage and view both versions as a single file, without saving them as two individual documents.

Zoho Docs can make that happen. Let’s look at five ways Zoho can drastically improve your creative and collaborative experience.

1. Find your files with ease.
Let’s face it, creating a great piece of content in one take doesn’t happen. You need multiple drafts and multiple rounds of edits to get it right. Keeping track of those multiple drafts that lead to the final is a tedious process. It would be much easier to work on the same file, rather than multiple ones. View all the files under a single name in chronological order.

2.  Work together, or on your own.
With teams located and dispersed across multiple locations, easy document collaboration is a must. Zoho Docs lets you share a file and allows two or more people work on it simultaneously.

On the other hand, you can also lock your document with “check-in” and “check-out” feature while making changes to avoid overwriting or repetition of similar points.

3. Own your work and track your changes. 
Completed documents go through a number of rounds of reviews and edits before being finalized. You can control and track who views, edits, or comments on your document through the “Track Changes” feature. However, if there comes a situation when you forget to track changes, you can smartly identify them using the “Compare Versions” feature.

4. Go back in time.
When working on a blog post or any other piece of content, it’s natural to want to work on a previous version after making a number of edits. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of times you can ‘undo’ your changes before they are permanent. That’s why it’s more meaningful to find older versions from the “document history” and start editing the one you find more appropriate to create the best.

5. One file, many purposes.
You know how frustrating it is to create different copies of a sales deck for different stakeholders like managers, investors, customers, teams, etc. Zoho Docs lets you save different versions of a file under the same name so you can manage and distribute them with ease.

Check out Zoho Docs’ very simple yet useful features built for teams to operate efficiently and never replace or forget which version of your document you need ever again.

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