Which companies use an HRIS?

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Which Companies use an HRIS?

These days, more organizations are making efforts toward improving their HR processes in order to simplify routine tasks for their employees. HR managers are using technology to automate HR activities and boost the productivity of their organization. This where a Human Resource Information System, or HRIS, stands out. An HRIS allows organizations to manage their HR processes and data efficiently by combining human resources and information technology. HRIS technology can be adopted by any company that wishes to improve employee experience and make tedious HR tasks simpler, regardless of their industry. Some believe that an HRIS is most suitable for companies with more than 50 employees. However, the size of your organization doesn’t matter as much as the intent behind the implementation. Here’s how organizations of different sizes can benefit from using an HRIS:

  • Small-sized companies

The growth of small businesses is entirely based on how their employees work. This means that having effective HR management strategies is a driving factor in the success of a small business. With proper HR processes in place, employees will be engaged, happy, and productive. This allows your business to grow continuously and find its own industry niche.

Your HR team may not be very large right now. With an HRIS, your employees would be able to manage everything they need to effectively from a single, centralized system—no additional personnel required. Paperwork can be managed online, and routine tasks that would normally be time-consuming can be simplified or automated. This will also put them in a great position to meet the changing HR needs of their organization as it grows and develops. When HR operations are organized and systematic, employees tend to perform better. Also, the time that would have been spent on administrative tasks can be spent introducing strategic initiatives that uplift employees and improve productivity.

  • Medium-sized companies

Attracting and retaining talented employees is one of the major HR challenges for medium-sized organizations. With manual HR processes, it can be difficult to implement talent management strategies that improve employee retention. This increases the chances of losing talented and high-performing employees, and the cascading effect of high turnover then damages your organizational growth and development.

Having an HRIS can take the talent management strategies of mid-sized organizations to the next level. Everything from recruitment to offboarding is automated using an HRIS, which both relieves your HR department of administrative burden and provides an excellent working experience to your employees. It empowers them to complete their HR tasks on their own. An HRIS also enhances employee engagement by improving performance reviews, enabling them to voice their concerns and give feedback. With an engaged workforce, mid-sized organizations will be able to continue growing without losing money on high turnover.

  • Enterprises

Large-sized businesses tend to have an organized HR department, where each HR team member is responsible for different strategic initiatives.  However, managing the HR operations of such a large workforce manually can be tiring at best and nearly impossible at worst. Also, employees in enterprises expect their companies to have well-established, systematic, and error-free HR processes, meaning that your brand reputation is directly on the line.

With an HRIS, large-sized organizations can manage the HR activities of their workforce from a single system. Your organization can be audit-ready at all times as the HRIS automates the associated paperwork and stores all the information and data required to ensure compliance. With people analytics, your organization can make data-driven decisions to improve employee engagement and introduce strategies and initiatives to heighten employee experience. The self-service portal enables your employees to access all the information and data they need, giving them more control over their work lives. These are some of the many benefits that come with implementing an HRIS at the enterprise level.

An HRIS can be used by all companies, irrespective of their size or the industry they belong to. With an HRIS, many common workplace issues such as employee turnover, workplace diversity, employee disengagement, lack of recognition, and more can be prevented altogether or solved before they start eroding other essential business operations. Learnhow to select the best HRIS software for your organization.

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