Decoding employee experience: What it means for your business

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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We’re in the experience era. Whether you go shopping, visit a restaurant, or use an application, the question the management wants to know is: “How was your experience with us?” Ratings and customer feedback is crucial, so companies can improve and become better at delivering value to the world.

For a moment, let’s view this experience from the employee perspective. How would employees rate their organizations? What do they think of their employers? Organizations that understand a good employee experience can create better customer experiences. These are organizations that practice good work values and promote a positive work culture. They rank highly on employee value proposition charts, and they are where job-seekers want to work.

Everyday we hear statistics about low engagement rates and how many employees are looking to switch jobs, and these could be because of various reasons. But, all of these reasons combined together is what employee experience is about.


As the focus on employee experience rises and employers search for more ways to create a positive workplace, understanding employee experience and developing efficient EX strategies is crucial. In subsequent posts, we’ll be talking about how HR staff can leverage the different factors of EX to build a great EX strategy. 

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