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ADP Workforce Now offers an HRIS solution that focuses on improving four vital aspects of HR management including payroll, time and attendance, talent management, and HR benefits. Each one of these modules has different features to simplify everyday HR operations. While these modules allow you to perform many HR activities from a single system, the HRIS that ADP offers also has many inefficiencies. For example, some of the features in ADP Workforce Now are not up to date, and this can hinder employee experience instead of helping it.

Your organization needs a modern HRIS solution that can keep up with current workplace trends. Only then will you be able to simplify the HR operations in your organization while providing the best possible employee experience. This is where Zoho People, our HRIS, truly shines. Each feature in our HRIS has been designed with the expectations of the modern workforce in mind. Zoho People strives to improve every element of HR management to develop a favorable working experience for your employees. Here are some of the features that make Zoho People better than ADP Workforce Now:

  • Case management

HR departments receive many requests from their employees. How well you manage these inquiries and requests can have a great impact on employee engagement. Unanswered inquiries and unattended requests disappoint your employees and as a result, they lose trust in the HR department. That’s why it’s essential to automate case management in your organization.

ADP Workforce Now doesn’t provide a dedicated case management system to process employee requests. Zoho People, on the other hand, has a separate case management module that collects and organizes employee inquiries effectively. Your employees can track the status of their cases anytime. DRIs for requests can provide answers through a comment box instead of through back-and-forth emails. You can also include FAQs, documents, URLs, and policy files to help employees get answers quickly.  Learn more about Zoho People’s case management system. 

  • Candidate onboarding

The initial interactions between you and your new hires can make or break how their impression about your organization. That’s why it’s important to engage them even before they become your employees. Investing in a candidate onboarding program simplifies the application process and makes for a better experience.

Though ADP Workforce Now covers employee onboarding to welcome your new hires, it doesn’t support candidate onboarding. Zoho People’s candidate onboarding module helps applicants provide personal details, resumes/CVs, experience letters, and more through a dedicated online portal. You can also send videos, policies, company handbooks, and documents that will help your new hires to better understand your organization.

  • 360-degree feedback

360-degree feedback allows your employees to understand their performance from different perspectives and improve it.  It also creates a sense of community, where employees work together to lift each other up. 360-degree feedback also helps managers reduce implicit bias during performance reviews.

ADP Workforce Now has a performance management module that allows you to deliver annual and continuous performance reviews. However, it doesn’t support 360-degree feedback, which is especially necessary when employees are working remotely. On the other hand, Zoho People’s performance management system is robust and has been designed with the expectations of both managers and employees in mind. With the 360-degree feedback feature in Zoho People, each employee can provide direct or anonymous feedback to their peers.

  • Built-in chat

As the world shifts toward a remote working model, having a variety of communication channels is more important than ever. Having an instant messaging application supports an open line of communication and allows teams to collaborate better. It also allows employees to communicate while continuing to do other tasks, unlike phone calls or face-to-face conversations.

ADP Workforce Now doesn’t have a built-in chat to improve communication. You will have to spend time, money, and effort on implementing a separate instant messaging application. This is not the case with Zoho People. The instant chat feature allows employees to communicate instantly, brainstorm ideas together, share files, documents and videos, and much more. These little features go a long way toward improving employee experience.

  • Timesheets

While working on multiple projects with different clients, it can be difficult to keep track of who is working on what and the amount of time spent on different projects. Better time tracking will help you to assign projects more effectively, generate invoices for your clients, and pay your employees on time. Digital timesheets make project management simpler for your managers, HR department, and payroll staff.

Though ADP Workforce Now supports time tracking, it’s not as extensive as in Zoho People. Our HRIS allows you to create timesheets for different projects and clients, and your employees just have to add their working hours. Approvals can be configured to send the timesheets to reporting managers, and they can be approved or rejected through our mobile app. This allows you to plan projects well, meet deadlines easily, and serve your clients better.

  • Feeds

It’s necessary to keep each one of your employees on the same page, regardless of where they work from. They should be able to communicate and collaborate with their peers easily, work together towards a common goal, share ideas, learn from each other, and stay productive.

ADP Workforce Now doesn’t come with live feeds, which enable employees to collaborate no matter where they are. With the live feeds in Zoho People, you can bring your employees together digitally. Initiate discussions, share feedback, brainstorm new ideas, make important decisions, and solve problems quickly and easily.

  • Employee self-service

The employee self-service portal in Zoho People is much more straightforward and user-friendly when compared to ADP Workforce Now’s self-service portal. Employees can perform several tasks through their self-service portal. They can view all the important announcements made by your organization, maintain their professional and personal data, apply for time off, track their time off and attendance information, store documents, and more.

Zoho People’s HRIS is modern, easy to use, customizable, and affordable. We make sure Zoho People is constantly updated with features to make it as useful as possible for our customers, keeping in mind the changing business environment. Learn more about what Zoho People’s HRIS offers.

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