What's New in Zoho People: May updates

  • Last Updated: June 4, 2021
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May Product Updates - What's New in Zoho People

Every month, we at Zoho People do our best to introduce new features to make our HR software more comprehensive and useful, and this month is no different. These features are solely aimed at making HR management simpler so you can focus on crafting strategic initiatives that help your organization and its employees thrive. Here's a list of all the major features and enhancements introduced in Zoho People during May:

  • Consolidated Reports

HR reports are the backbone of your people management strategies, and you should be able to access them quickly and easily. Zoho People provides reports for almost every module, including Performance, Leave, Attendance, Time Tracker, Learning Management, and more. With our new feature, we have consolidated all of these reports in one place so that you can draw insights without the hassle of opening multiple tabs. Within the Reports tabs, we've organizes all the data you need under My Reports, Team Reports, and Organization Reports. Learn more about the all-new consolidated Reports in Zoho People. 

  • Enhancement to the Employee Health Status form

Last year, when the pandemic was just beginning, we had introduced the Employee Health Status form in Zoho People. As part of this feature, we added a short survey to the employee dashboard to help HR professionals collect the health status of employees and their families. With our new enhancement, a follow-up questionnaire will be triggered whenever an employee reports sick.

This way, all the essential details regarding the sick employee's symptoms, contact with COVID-infected individuals, date of contact, COVID-19 test reports, and more can be collected. This provides your organization with better documentation, but more importantly, it ensures that you can assist your sick employees more efficiently. Learn more about the Employee Health Status form. 

  • LMS course certificate settings

Zoho People allows course administrators to offer course certificates to employees who have completed a course successfully. These certificates can be created easily with pre-built certificate templates, and employees will be able to download the certificate once they complete a course. With our new enhancement, course administrators can select one of two options introduced to help them define who can view and download the course certificates.

The first option allows learners to download their certificates whenever the course is completed. The second option allows learners to download certificates when their grade is higher or equal to the selected grade. Learn more about these course certificate settings in our LMS. 

  • LMS Course Reports

As part of Zoho People's Learning Management System (LMS), we have introduced course reports that give course administrators, trainers, and learners a clearer overview of essential course data. Course learners will be able to access reports that highlight their grades, attendance, and the status of their assignment submissions. Course trainers and administrators can access learner enrollment and course progress reports. The former provides detailed information on the number of learners who have enrolled for a course and the latter report provides insights on the progress each employee is making in their course. Learn more about course reports in our LMS. 

  • New Leave Encashment Report

The leave management system in Zoho People provides access to a variety of reports that can help HR professionals understand their employees' leave patterns. As part of our enhancement, we have added a new report to our leave module that highlights the number of eligible days each employee has for leave encashment. Learn more about our leave encashment report here. 

We hope these features help your HR department simplify complex HR tasks, free up time, and provide an exceptional working experience to your employees. Give these features a try in Zoho People and let us know how they helped you with your HR management! For any questions or feedback, contact us at support@zohopeople.com.  

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