What's New in Zoho People? December 2021

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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December 2021 - Zoho People product updates

As we enter yet another year after completely transitioning to new normal working conditions, we at Zoho People are continuously on the lookout for new ways to introduce HR tools that help businesses adapt and thrive. In the past few months, we have introduced features that allow employees to report their vaccination status, use facial recognition for attendance, and clock in from anywhere. For the back end of your people management, we now have consolidated reports, digital time logging and timesheet tracking through Zoho People Kiosk, and much more. Many of these features benefit your team and your employees both, providing top quality working experiences that don't compromise safety or delay your administrative tasks.

The best part is that these updates never stop. We're always eager to announce new enhancements and features that we've been able to implement based on your feedback, and this month is no different. To close out 2021, here's everything new in Zoho People from December:

  • Import members into a course

The learning management system (LMS) that comes as part of Zoho People is super intuitive, enabling your organization to organize employee training and development programs even as your employees work remotely from different locations. It has a number of useful features, including virtual classrooms, assessments, online tests, course cloning, grading, and learning plans, to facilitate employee growth and development. In order to make this process even easier, we've introduced a new feature that enables course administrators to import multiple learners directly into a course using XLS, XLSX, or CSV files instead of adding them manually, one by one. Learn more about how to make use of this feature in Zoho People's LMS. 

  • Delete data from vaccination status details

Last month, we introduced Vaccination Status, a new feature in Zoho People to help organizations get an exact picture of employees who are partially or fully vaccinated and not vaccinated. Through a simple survey, employees can now update their vaccination status through Zoho People. With our new enhancement, your employees can delete their entries on their own in case they've updated their vaccination status wrongly. Similarly, Zoho People administrators can delete data pertaining to the vaccination status of any employee. Learn more about this new enhancement. 

  • Calendar days and business days included under compensatory off

In Zoho People, the leave module has a feature called Compensatory Off that enables employees to apply for leave on week days as a compensation for working on holidays or weekends. Any number of days of leave can be credited for every holiday or weekend that your employees work as compensation. One particular setting under this feature allows leave administrators to define the number of days or months after which this credited leave expires. With our new enhancement, leave administrators can choose between calendar days and business days while setting the length of time before the compensatory leave expires. Learn more about this feature. 

Wrapping up

As we start another new year, we promise to introduce more useful features that help take your HR management to the next level. Until then, give these features a try and let us know how they've helped you in the comments section below. For questions, email us at support@zohocorp.com.

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