Top 6 features to look for in an employee management system

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Top six features to look for in an employee management system

Managing employees in a way that brings out their best has become a top priority for almost every organization. From streamlining HR operations to improving day-to-day employee management practices, companies have been trying out different ways to refine the employee experience. If you're looking to better support your employees, you'll definitely want to adopt a comprehensive and intuitive employee management system.

Here are six features to look out for in your employee management system:

1. Employee database management

The system that you select should come with an employee database management platform that allows you to centralize HR data for every department, region, and business entity. With this feature, you can manually add employee details in just a few steps, or sync the data from compatible third-party applications. A great system will allow you to classify your employees based on department, location, and designation for easy data management. Employees can also access and edit their personal information to ensure error-free records.

2. Time, attendance, and leave management

Your employee management system should help your organization streamline and automate time management operations. It should come with a robust attendance and management system that enables employees to mark their attendance and make leave requests from wherever they work. A great system will help you stay on top of every employee's check-in time, check-out time, overtime, leave balances, on-duty information, and user permissions. Plus, it's ability to collect accurate attendance and leave data can simplify payroll calculation. Your employee management system should also include online timesheets so employees can log the time they spend on different projects.

3. Employee self-service

An employee self-service portal is essential to an effective employee management system. The portal allows employees to complete necessary HR documentation, access relevant files, and view information related to their health insurance, compensation, and payroll at anytime. This portal can also serve as a place where employees mark their attendance, apply for leave, check leave balances, and log project time. They should also be able to raise requests and contact their HR department through the system. This way, all requests and questions are organized and attended to in a timely manner. An employee portal is also a great space to share company-wide announcements and encourage team interactions.

4. Performance management

A robust performance management system is one of the most important features to look for in an employee management system. This element helps you and your managers get a clear picture of where each of your employees stands in terms of performance. It should allow you to run regular performance reviews as per your organizational needs, as well as enable employees to complete self-appraisals and receive useful feedback from managers and peers. A great performance management system supports modules like goals, KRAs, competencies, and skills to help you conduct fair performance reviews.

5. Learning management

Career development opportunities are key to improving the employee experience, and that's why it's important to select an employee management system that comes with a comprehensive learning management platform. The platform should be flexible enough to support different learning styles, including self-paced learning and blended learning. This ensures a comfortable learning experience for all employees. You should be able to create multiple courses for employee enrollment, as well as pre- and post-course tests and assignments. Further, employees should have the freedom to start and complete courses at a pace, time, and location that is convenient for them. The option to access the platform from mobile devices can make learning even more flexible.

6. People analytics

People analytics plays a significant role in improving employee management, as it helps organizations understand employee expectations and learn the underlying reasons for workforce challenges. Your employee management system should come with an intuitive people analytics solution that uses employee data to identify the "why" behind specific organizational and workplace matters. The system's reports should help you keep track of your organization's growth rate, attrition rate, employee diversity, project status, attendance trends, and performance trends.

Selecting the right employee management software

To establish the best employee management strategy, it's crucial to select an employee management software that allows you to automate and simplify HR operations and improve the employee experience. We hope this blog gave you a clear idea of what to look for in your next employee management software.

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