How HCM software improves employee experience

  • Last Updated : February 2, 2024
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How HCM software improves employee experience

You may hear HR professionals saying things like "we're living in the employee experience era," or "EX is the new CX." But what does that actually mean for you and how you manage your workforce? It means that every step in an employee's journey with your organization, from recruitment to retirement, matters to them. And if it matters to them, it matters to your bottom line. This is why many organizations are turning to Human Capital Management (HCM) software to ensure that their HR department has the tools it needs to complete their routine tasks while still maintaining a strong focus on employee well-being.

Why focus on employee experience and employer brand?

Put yourself in the shoes of a young job seeker today. They care about work-life balance and stability. They want to know that their place of employment cares about their health, both mental and physical. Don't offer competitive benefits to full-time employees? Next. No room for upward mobility? Pass. Glassdoor estimates that about 1 in 3 employees and job seekers wouldn't even apply for a company where there is a lack of diversity among its workforce. And who do employees trust most to understand what diversity and inclusion look like in an organization? When asked, two-thirds said other employees.

So it's not how well you think your employees are hired, managed, rewarded, and mentored. It's about the reputation you've built and what the people who work for you think about your HR management strategies. 

Here are some signs that you're providing a great employee experience:

  • Employees are individually engaged, productive, and driven 

  • Teamwork is frictionless, leading to more innovative solutions

  • Communication flows easily between departments

  • Retention rates and loyalty are high

  • Job seekers are consistently applying to your open roles

  • Your organization holds an esteemed employer reputation

How does HCM software help improve employee experience?

  • Automates manual work

No employee wants to spend their time on manual HR tasks that take forever to complete—not your HR staff, and not your other team members. This keeps them from the projects that have the most impact on your organization, which are usually also the ones they are most passionate about. HCM software does a great job in automating any HR-related tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. For instance, if your organization uses HCM software, employees don't have to send multiple emails to apply for leave. They can simply apply for leave right from the system. You will be automatically notified about any leave applications, and requests will be sent to any other managers who may need to give approval—all without you having to lift a finger! This is just one example of how HCM software takes a relatively easy but tedious task and turns it into a quick and efficient workflow.

  • Helps employees succeed

Generally, employees want to perform well, grow within their role, and contribute more toward the organization's success. How you enable them to work effectively is a major factor in employee experience. This includes everything from how you enable them to improve their performance, how goals are set and measured, and how feedback is managed. With HCM software, you can conduct continuous performance reviews to help employees understand what they've done right, what they should avoid, and how they can perform better. Periodic goals can be set and reviewed easily, and employees and managers can exchange feedback regularly to make sure that everybody is on the same page.

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  • Provides unlimited L&D opportunities

The younger generation of employees is looking to work for organizations that prioritize their growth and development. This means you'll have to conduct training programs regularly to upskill your employees and help them scale greater heights. What matters as much as the training topics is how you deliver the training programs to your employees. The Learning Management System (LMS) that comes with HCM software enables you to host as many training programs as you want and distribute them in a way that is convenient to your employees. Learning plans, assessments, virtual classrooms, discussion forums, and resource hubs are some of the many other features that can give your employees a more enriching learning experience.

  • Improves collaboration

Having better relationships at work contributes immeasurably to employee engagement and happiness. These relationships form the foundation of the work environment where your employees will spend most of their time. In order to keep employees connected and help them bond with each other, whether that's in the office or remotely, collaboration tools are essential. Many HCM software systems come with a built-in chat system that enables employees to communicate, brainstorm, and learn from each other no matter where they are in the world. The live feed feature that comes with HCM software also allows employees to initiate conversations on any topic and gather feedback from their peers. This level of open communication means that teams can work together better and generate stronger solutions to problems.  

Final thoughts

Employee experience is not just another fancy buzzword that can be ignored. It's rapidly becoming the most critical factor to consider in employee retention and engagement. Just by implementing HCM software, many aspects of your employee experience can be improved. Then, the time you save on routine tasks can be spent developing even more robust people management techniques that emphasize employee experience.

Zoho People, our HCM software, works like a charm to provide the best possible working experience to your employees. It has all the features you need, from a comprehensive onboarding system to an intuitive learning and development module, to simplify the employee journey within your organization. Learn more about Zoho People.

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