The normal workflow behind Timesheet is that time should be logged for jobs and work items under Projects, for Clients. Those Time Logs are then collated into Timesheets and sent for approval to be approved and for the billing processes to follow.

Term Definition

Job: A job is a task that is either assigned to an employee by someone in the organization. Jobs can also be assigned to the self by employees. 

Project: Projects are assignments that employees work on.

Client: Clients are customers for whom Jobs are done. Projects are associated with Clients and jobs are done on Projects for Clients.

Work Item: A work item is an activity or a subtask relating to a particular Job.

Time logs: Time spent on each job activity(work item) recorded by an employee is called time logs. It is used for recording the time duration of the task.

Timesheet: A timesheet is a group or a summary of time logs. It is generated and sent for the approval process.

Know in detail, the following topics.




Time Logs


Bill Generation

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